Top 10 Hong Kong Restaurants Where You Can Get Your Grub On

Out of 44,000 restaurants, here are the true gems.

It’s true, there are approximately 44,000 restaurants in Hong Kong and that number continues to grow by the year. The best part about eating out in Hong Kong is that you can pretty much find ANY kind of cuisine there is on the planet, and they’re not replicas. They’re the real deal, in taste and in culture. Thanks to its international flair, Hong Kong’s long list of incredible eateries attracts a huge influx of travelers who arrive to this city simply to get their grub on. Here’s where I went, bon app!

Dragon Noodle Academy 龍麵館

Neighborhood: Central

After entering Dragon Noodle Academy’s obscure doors in the middle of Central (around the corner from Topshop), you’d think you’ve fallen into a tourist trap. Red lanterns, golden dragon statues…it’s got cheesy character. But the food is anything but ordinary. Get the “lobster tail soup noodles” made with 5-hour slow-cooked broth accompanied by handmade lanzhou noodles and boston rock lobster. The “baby cabbage florets with parma ham” was a personal favorite, and don’t miss their rock star dish: “BBQ pork rice.” They’ll even bring the dish to dissect it by your table. It’s showtime!

Fu Rong 映水芙蓉

Neighborhood: Harbour City

Fu Rong, Hong Kong.
Fu Rong, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

Do you like it hot? This Sechuan cuisine restaurant is located inside Harbour City Mall, so prep for time to actually walk for 20 minutes inside the mall in order to enter the restaurant with a spectacular view. The marathon is worth it to work up the appetite. Pretty much every dish is spicy here, true to its Sechuan roots. Fu Rong is known for its presentation, and pouring of the sauce at the table. Enjoy the show, and the view of Victoria Harbour.

Sai Yung Kee 細蓉記

Neighborhood: Sheung Wan

Sai Yung Kee, Hong Kong.
Sai Yung Kee, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

If you find yourself in Sheung Wan and don’t feel like dining in some fancy joint but want real good food, head over to Sai Yung Kee. A local taste of local wontons and thin noodle soup can be satiated in this famous hotspot. It’s casual, but oh-so-good.

Queen Sophie 酥妃皇后

Neighborhood: Sheung Wan

Queen Sophie, Hong Kong.
Queen Sophie, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

You can’t come to Hong Kong and not taste its famous egg tarts. For the best ones, you’ve gotta hit up Queen Sophie. I got the original because I’m not a big fan of fussy desserts. But if you prefer tasting new flavors, Queen Sophie’s egg tarts have creative spins: nuts, cream, fruits…etc.

Madame Fu-Grand Cafe Chinois 

Neighborhood: Tai Kwan

Madame Fu, Hong Kong.
Madame Fu, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

You’ll definitely need to stop by Tai Kwan at some point in Hong Kong. Tai Kwan is a newly renovated cultural art center that was formerly a prison. Now filled with cool bars and restaurants, Tai Kwan also hosts the ultra chic Madame Fu-Grand Cafe Chinois restaurant. The food is traditional Hong Kong/Chinese cuisine, so get Madame Fù’s Iberico Char Siu (aka: BBQ pork), Madame Fù’s Cod with Ginger and Vinegar Glaze, and Black Truffle Chinese Steamed Egg Topped with Spotted Garoupa. Dim sum for lunch here is ideal, and brunch on weekends is perfect!

Kau Kee Food Cafe 九記牛肉湯麵

Neighborhood: Sheung Wan

Kau Kee Food Cafe
Kau Kee Food Cafe. INSTAGRAM @foodiehw

Okay, so there will be a line. A long one. Tip: either eat during non-meal hours, or get there as soon as it opens at 12:30 p.m. Kau Kee Food Cafe is known for its beef noodle soup. If you know anything about these bad babies, it’s all about the broth. And Kau Kee has mastered the beef noodle arena. The vibe is very casual, very local, you’ll likely be sharing a round table with someone else.

Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano

Neighborhood: Central

Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano
Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano

Opened only in recent years, Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano is already a fan favorite recommended by many. Inside the Pottinger Hotel, you’ll find serious Italian business in the kitchen with “grilled Mediterranean octopus with citrus salad on a bed of hand-picked baby spinach leaves,” and “classic tiramisu with layers of savioiardi biscuit flavour with aramotto topped with mascarpone cream and cacao.” The restaurant is modern, the food is old-school, and the meal as a whole is full of charm.


Neighborhood: Central

Oddies Foodies
Facebook: Oddies Foodies

Egg waffle 雞蛋仔 is another Hong Kong specialty, they look like semi-spherical cells and taste just like waffles but thinner. You can order them with fruits, chocolate, on cones…etc. The best to get them in town is at Oddies in Central!

Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel 半島酒店

Neighborhood: Tsim Sha Tsui

Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.
Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong. Photo: Wendy Hung

There’s nothing more iconic than having an afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. It’s like having a cocktail at the Hemingway Bar at Paris’ Ritz Hotel, it’s almost a requirement to do afternoon tea at the Peninsula. You’ll need to wait in line, there’s no reservation. It’s an expensive afternoon tea at approximately USD $50/person, but the live orchestra performance and the impeccable service make up for it. In addition, enjoy the history, the ambiance, and the elegance. Nothing bad can ever happen here! It’s a dream.


Neighborhood: Central

TA VIE, Hong Kong
TA VIE, Hong Kong.

TA VIE is Pottinger Hotel’s two Michelin-starred restaurant featuring chef Hideaki Sato. Open for both lunch and dinner, this is one of the world’s 50 best restaurants which embraces Japanese cuisine with local Chinese ingredients. The tasting menu highlights “Deep fried ‘Lung Guang’ chicken wing stuffed with morel rice, Chinese yellow wine sauce, fresh Yunnan morel” and “Kumquats compote with crêpe cream cheese ice cream, osmanthus powder.” The ambiance is fancy, and reservation is highly recommended.

Wendy Hung


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