Hong Kong: A Truly International City

How Hong Kong’s international melting pot of cultures creates the perfect place to visit.

hong Kong
Photo: Rachel Chenoweth

While traditionally Hong Kong is thought to be just another city in China, I have learned that it is far from that. While technically not a province of China, it embodies Chinese culture mixed with other international flavor. The food, shopping, and people are all indicative to a global community that will make anyone, from any place, captivated.

Hong Kong
Photo: Rachel Chenoweth

If you are lucky enough to visit, sightseeing at “The Peak” is the must-see attraction. A cable car takes you all the way up a mountain, one so steep that at times it makes the buildings passed seem crooked. The top gives way to restaurants, shopping, and a breathtaking view of the harbor, skyscrapers, and beautiful greenery of Hong Kong. Spend money on the luxury brands offered at the top and take pictures of the view, but be sure to notice how international the people amongst you are. The atmosphere and excitement created by this mix is unlike any other.

Hong Kong is not just another city in China; it has its own feel and identity. It is fast paced and contains activities to please and occupy any type of person. Even if it is a bit out of your travel route, this city is worth the extra effort to get there. The lit up shore line and diversity are only a couple of the numerous characteristics of Hong Kong that will create memories and stunning pictures that will last forever.

Article and photos by Rachel Chenoweth.

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Hong Kong
Photo: Rachel Chenoweth

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