5 Areas In Beijing To Bring Home The Best Souvenirs

From touristy malls, to local designer-oriented areas, an an art zone to traditional Chinese shops.

Usually, we provide specific shops in a city to showcase unique designers and concepts of local entrepreneurs. Since Beijing is so large, we wanted to pinpoint “areas” instead of “boutiques” so travelers can explore their wanderlusts and browse through streets freely on their own. We’ve filtered our list down to five areas that are vastly different, from touristy malls, to local designer-oriented areas, an art zone to traditional Chinese shops. We hope you can find beautiful souvenirs to bring home not only for family and friends, but something special for yourself too!

Sanlitun Village 三里屯 – Best Local Designer Boutiques

Chaoyang, BeijingChina (map)
Sanlitun Village, Beijing

If you want to look for interesting boutiques that you can’t find anywhere else in the world, then head over to the sophisticated Sanlitun. One of the best shopping areas in Beijing makes an inspiring stroll where you can browse through boutiques like Brand New China (large space featuring local Chinese designers), and Design Phoenix, where you can  check out zen-like ceramics.

798 Art Zone – For Art Fanatics

1 Qixing W St, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100015 (map, website)
art zone 798

As the heart of contemporary art district in Beijing, 798 Art Zone is not only an Instagrammer’s dream it’s also where you can browse through thought-provoking art pieces. The eclectic area of coffeeshops and art galleries is also where creatives sell their art works. So if you’re keen on bringing home a piece of art, homeware or artful accessories, this is where you’ve gotta be.

Wangfujing Shopping District 王府井大街 – The Fifth Avenue of Beijing

WangFuJing, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China (map)
Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing.
INSTAGRAM @taimurcologni

The most touristic area for shopping and night markets is Wangfujing. Think: NYC’s Fifth Avenue or Champs-Élysées in Paris. Sure, you can opt for the shopping malls in this area. But, we find the book stores, photography studios and even local snack shops here far more interesting. There’s a wide range of selections, whether you want something cheap and touristy in the markets or high-end boutiques of local and international designers.

Xidan 西單 – For the Younger Crowds

Xicheng, Beijing, China (map)
INSTAGRAM @aweiwip

The younger and less expensive version of Wanfujing is Xidan. There are malls in this area, but browse through the food markets and clothing stores catered to a modern crowd. You’ll begin to see that many stores probably have the same suppliers, but this place is great for purchasing silk, satin, snacks, or traditional handcrafts.

Nanluogu Lane 南鑼鼓 – For Old-School Nostalgia

Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China (map)
Nanluogu, Beijing
INSTAGRAM @s_h_u_o

Near the Drum Tower, there are many traditional old-school streets off of Nanluogu Lane. This is where you can explore and wander through adorable shops featuring photography and stationary. Indulge in authentic food stands and bargain with vendors if you’re buying souvenirs.

Wendy Hung


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