Top 10 Tasty Places To Get Your Grub On In Beijing

We’ve narrowed it down to the best food experiences in Beijing.

Finding a place to eat in China can be a daunting task since the cities are large and everything is written in Mandarin. Especially in a city like Beijing, the choices are limitless, so where should you go? We’ve narrowed it down to the city’s best food experiences. From noodle soups, to refined vegetarian and street markets…these are delicious options to open your mind, eyes and taste buds!

King’s Joy 京兆尹 – Best Fine-Dining Vegetarian

2 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100027 (map, website)
King's Joy
Facebook/King’s Joy

He was a monk at a Jianxi monastery until his master motivated him to promote vegetarian food in the “regular world.” If you didn’t think vegetarian food could be incorporated into fine-dining, then book a table at King’s Joy where bamboos, mushrooms, pumpkins are artistically displayed and taste incredible. The head chef works with local farmers to source his produce so you can indulge in a luxurious meal without worry. The restaurant is located just 10 minutes of walk from Tiananmen Square.

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant 北京大董烤鴨店 – Best Peking Duck 

China, Beijing Shi, Dongcheng Qu, DongDan, Jinbao St, No. 88 Inside Jinbao Mall, 100005 (map, website)
Da Dong, Beijing.
INSTAGRAM @lazybunny130

How can you come to Beijing and not try its famous peking duck? Da Dong is the most famous brand in China for such a treat. Da Dong has perfected the delicious contrast between crispy skin and tender yet juice meat in the perfect bite. Da Dong has become so well-known that it has a location in New York and it’s entering the fast-food business so folks can munch on peking duck on-the-go. But this location is a must-stop when you’re in the home of brown-glazed quack quack!

Celestial Court 天寶閣中餐廳 – Best Southern Fine-Dining

The St. Regis Beijing, 21 Jianguomen Outer St, JianWai DaJie, Chaoyang Qu, China, 100004 (map, website)
Starwood Hotels
Starwood Hotels

Located inside the glamorous St. Regis Hotel is the decadent Celestial Court restaurant which features the best of Southern Chinese cuisine. If you thought Chinese food comes in only oily and greasy dishes, think again! Chef Lau To Ming’s elegant dishes will make you think twice.

Mr. Shi’s Dumplings 老石餃子館 – Best dumplings

74 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing, China (map)
Mr. Shi's Dumplings
INSTAGRAM @yalishandarus

Besides Din Tai Fung, you’ll find fantastic dumplings at Mr. Shi’s. The owner is extremely friendly, and you know you’ve gotta devour traditional Chinese dumplings while in Beijing! The restaurant’s interior boasts traditional Chinese courtyard, offering a throwback moment of indulging in a meal during the dynasties.

Zhenai Zhongguo 真愛中國餐館 – Best Pork Belly Bun

China, Beijing Shi, Chaoyang Qu, JianWai DaJie, Guanghua East Li, No. 8 ZhongHai Square North Building (map)

Braised pork belly sandwiches may be a trendy stop at Western food trucks, but try the original concept in China. Especially at Zhenai Zhongguo (which translates to really love China) serves up a steamy basket of tender, fatty, chopped, saucy, braised to the core pork belly buns. The restaurant is a refined spin on Shanxi cuisine. Salivating yet?

Mama de Weidao 媽媽的味道 – Best homestyle cooking

Gong Ren Ti Yu Chang Dong Lu, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100027 (map)

Mama de Weidao (translates to, the taste of Mama) is where you should go if you don’t know any locals but want to feel like you’re eating inside a true Chinese home kitchen. From handmade dumplings to traditional Chinese dishes, you’ll get the comfort food you were craving for. And no, it’s not Panda Express-style.

Pure Lotus 淨心蓮 – Best Affordable Vegetarian

Pure Lotus, Beijing
INSTAGRAM @hulidaniel

Another vegetarian restaurant owned by a former monk (notice the trend?) Pure Lotus is similar to King’s Joy but more affordable. It’s a very clean restaurant boasting a huge variety of tasty vegetarian dishes that also come with beautiful names. By local standards, this is also considered a “concept restaurant” with a focus on well-being

Jing-A Taproom 京A – Best Bar Food

China, Beijing Shi, 朝阳区 Workers’ Stadium N Rd, 4号院 邮政编码: 100026 (map, website)
Jing-A Brewing Co.
FACEBOOK Jing-A Brewing Co.

Beijing’s trendy microbrewery Jing A Taproom (most people just call it Jing A) known for using Chinese ingredients with traditional beers. Imagine: red rice koji, ginger or Sichuan peppercorn with IPA or stout…interesting! The bar has an immensely innovative menu, especially the spicy popcorn chicken cannot be missed. Boneless, crispy bites can be dangerously numbing if you’re not used to red chilies!

Pang Mei Noodle Restaurant 胖妹麵莊 – Best Noodle Shop

Xiang Er Hu Tong, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100007 (map)
Pang Mei Mian Zhuan, beijing
INSTAGRAM @meganpipi

A trip to China isn’t complete without a hearty bowl of soup noodle! Pang Mei (translates to Fat Sisters) has got a great selection of southern noodles packed with juicy meat, slow-cooked in flavorful soup that you’ll fill any appetite.

Donghuamen Night Market 東華門美食坊夜市 – Largest Night Market

Dong’anmen St, DongDan, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100005 (map)
Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing.
INSTAGRAM @taimurcologni

Asia is full of night markets, so when in Beijing, you’ve gotta stroll through Donghuamen, for a glare at the local, bizarre, at times creepy, sorts of food selections. Street foods from scorpions, spiders, bugs, stinky tofu or just a normal dumpling comes down to a sight for curious eyes. Enter with open eyes, but watch your bags as the crowd can get pretty pushy. But the cooks at each stand is friendly and will try to speak English.

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