Fun Photography Tips To Capture The Magic Of Bolivia’s Salt Flats

Some photography tips you’ll want to know before you go so you can snap like a pro!

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Tracy Cheng Photography

My sister took funny perspective photos from Bolivia a few years ago, and ever since then, the sole reason for me wanting to visit Bolivia was for Salar de Uyuni, where I could go wild and take similar photos. Little did I know that preparation beforehand was imperative for good photos, so here are some tips I wish I knew before I went!

1 Have a vision!

Tracy Cheng photography tip Bolivia 1
Tracy Cheng Photography

There are several transportation options when it comes to visiting Salar de Uyuni – all of which involve joining a tour. The majority of tours are group-based, and not a private tour, therefore the itinerary will not be flexible and you will most likely only get an hour to shoot photos and videos. In order to get as many good photos as possible, definitely plan ahead as to what type of photos you’d like to shoot, and how you will be shooting them. Be ready to coach the driver, or fellow tour group member, on your vision beforehand in order to save time when you actually reach the salt flats!

2. If possible, bring lots of toys!

Tracy Cheng photography tip Bolivia 2
Tracy Cheng Photography

Unless you have a lot of people willing to fulfill your photographic vision – which is usually quite difficult given each jeep holds five people, and jeeps can be separated from each other since the salt flats are quite vast – toys are a great way to produce perspective photos. However, it is important to note that small toys are actually very hard to shoot perspective photos, since the toy will be the object in the forefront of the picture to create the desired ‘perspective’ effect, so it must be a decent size. Keychains, for example, are not a good idea.

3. The camera is not as important as the vision

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Tracy Cheng Photography

If you are joining a jeep tour, it is highly unlikely you will be traveling in the night time or during cloudy/overcast skies. As such, you won’t be needing to worry about exposures, and an iPhone will do just as well as a DSLR, which is also much easier if you are relying on the driver or fellow travel members to help you with the photos (you won’t need to worry about coaching them on how to use the DSLR!).

4. Bring comfortable clothing

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Tracy Cheng Photography

Whether you are the photographer for a fellow tour group member or being photographed yourself, you will no doubt be doing all sorts of weird angles (or at the very least, lying on the ground to shoot the photos). As the name of Salar de Uyuni suggests, the ground is all salt and will rub off from your clothes. If you don’t want salt on your favorite expensive clothing, don’t wear them that day!

5. Be creative

Tracy Cheng photography tip Bolivia 5
Tracy Cheng Photography

Although this tip goes without saying when shooting perspective photos, you’ll often find that you don’t have enough props as perhaps you would like, due to issues of luggage space and the obvious need to travel light. Tour agencies will have some toys you can use for your photos, but you will only be able to borrow one or two. Be sure to look around at mundane things, such as sunglasses, shoes, or even water bottles to create funny perspective photos.

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