5 Of The Best Clubs, Bars & Pubs In Thimphu

Don’t compare this city to NYC or Tokyo, since nightlife in Thimphu only started to commercialize in recent years. 

Vivacity thimphu

As the largest city in Bhutan, Thimphu embodies more modernization and commercialism than any other city in the nation. In order to experience nightlife in this Himalayan city is the place to be. Here are Top 5 places where young locals hang out in Thimphu!

*Note: Not every establishment has a website or can be indicated by Google Map. But they’re all located in downtown Thimphu, and known by locals and drivers.

1. Club Ace

Phendey Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan (mapwebsite)
club ace thimphu bhutan

Club Ace is one of the most happening clubs in Thimphu. Pumped with electronic music and young locals, this place is known for great music and neon lighting. You won’t run into too many travelers here, but if you’re in for a night to check out how locals hit the town in Bhutan, this is the right spot.

2. Space 34

space 34 thimphu bhutan
PHOTO ayearofbluepoppies.com

Space 34 is where you can dance your butt off in casual gear, with a slew of young locals. It’s clear that what they want is a mixture of: American pop music, hip-hop, Indian Bollywood remixes, house and R&B. Space 34 is getting bigger, as the crowd is growing larger each year. Let loose, bust out some moves to your favorite tunes!

3. Mojo Park

Yangchenma Building, Changlam (near The Zone), Thimphu, Bhutan (mapwebsite)
mojo park thimphu bhutan

The younger generation in Bhutan, especially in Thimphu is truly opening themselves to creative outlets that are considered more Westernized. And the proof of this change can be seen in places like Mojo Park, known for a loungey vibe that is frequently hosting live music nights, which is extremely popular with the bar’s regulars!

4. Vivacity

Sheten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan (mapwebsite)
Vivacity thimphu

For a night of dancing, Vivacity is the place to be. Ladies Nights on Wednesdays means free entry for women, otherwise entrance fee typically ranges from BTN 250 to BTN 500. If you don’t feel like dancing, there’s also a large lounge area where you chill out with food and drinks. In addition to live bands, Vivacity pumps up hip-hop, rock and reggae on the reg.

5. Om Bar

 Changlam, Thimphu, Bhutan (mapwebsite)
om bar thimphu
FACEBOOK Om Pub, Karaoke & Restaurant

No need to dress up for this place, but Om Bar is dynamic and vibrant with expat energy. If you’d like to check out where businessmen dress down to make deals happen or where local elites hang out without their formal attires, Om Bar will suit your style. If there’s a Bhutanese version of a dive bar – wooden bar table, tons of liquor on tap, confined space – this is it!

Wendy Hung


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