7 Of The Nicest Beaches In Bermuda

For all you Bermudian beach bums.  

Bermuda is well-known for its beautiful beaches, all of which come in different shapes and colors. While there, you can explore reefs, shipwrecks and medieval castles on your own slice of paradise. Here are some top picks just for you:

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

horseshoe bay beach
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This beach, located in Southampton Parish, is one of the finest that Bermuda has to offer. It owes its name to the crescent-shaped shoreline. The sands are a beautiful pale pink, only made more striking against the turquoise of the ocean. It’s the perfect spot for swimming or snorkeling. Food, equipment and other amenities are provided, with peak season for beach-goers in somewhere between Spring and late Fall.

2. Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach
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This beach, located in the Southeastern coast of Bermuda, is situated beneath the Elbow Beach Resort. The waves are made calmer by the protective barrier of reefs, which allow for easy paddle-boarding or kayaking. This is one of the closest beaches to Hamilton, which means that it can sometimes get a little crowded. Its convenient location, however, allows for easy access to food and drinks at any number of the hotels within reach.

3. Church Bay Beach

Church Bay
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Located in Southampton Parish, this beach is a true masterpiece. The waters are sheltered, allowing for the best possible snorkeling conditions. At Church Bay Park, you can easily rent equipment or purchase food. If you’re looking to see the island’s marine life, this is the place for you.

4. Jobson’s Cove Beach

Jobson’s Cove Beach
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This beach, also located in Southampton Parish, can be reached by walking trail from Horseshoe Bay Beach. It shares the same beautiful pink sands and serene, glass-like water. Because the shores are almost entirely surrounded by limestone and volcanic rock, this is the ideal place for a great hike. The picturesque views make this a popular proposal spot. If you’re planning to picnic, bring your own food. Otherwise, be prepared to walk to Horseshoe Bay Beach, where there is an abundance of concession stands.

5. Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay
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Located in St. George’s Parish, this beloved beach is another prime spot for snorkeling. It’s been named for the wild tobacco growing on its shores, which is no longer present. Equipment can be rented at kiosks along the beach, and food is available at the on-site restaurant. On summer evenings, Tobacco Bay is animated with live music and bonfires, making it one of the liveliest on the island. If you’re already in St. Georges, this beach is a must-see.

6. Shelly Bay

Shelly Bay
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Located in Hamilton Parish, this is one of Bermuda’s coziest beach spots. Rarely will you ever find a crowd, and the shallow waters are perfect for families with young children. An adjoining park provides picnic tables and a playground for kids. The boardwalk exhibits a beautiful nature reserve, and an clusters of trees provide shade, perfect for those taking a break from the sun.

7. Catherine’s Beach

St. Catherine

This beach, located in St. George’s Parish, is one of Bermuda’s first landing points. Home to the enchanting Fort St. Catherine, this edifice houses a museum with artifacts and exhibits from the 17th century. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out. The beach is typically void of crowds and tourists, and a beach-side bar practically sits on the water. St. Catherine’s is a mere five-minute walk from Tobacco Bay Beach, so why not make it two-for-two?

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