10 Incredible Things To Do In Bermuda

Explore a shipwreck, lounge in pink sand beaches, admire timeless local art, and plan your next trip to Bermuda.

Although mostly known for its pink sand and crystal-clear blue water, there is more on the island than just soaking up the sun. Here are ten incredible things to do in Bermuda for any and all adventurers.

West End / East End

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East End, Bermuda
East End, Bermuda. PHOTO LILY ADAMI

Both the East and West Ends of the island are filled with plenty of things for guests to enjoy. The West End, once known as the Royal Navy Dockyard, was the United Kingdom’s largest naval base in the Atlantic. Today, it is filled with amazing shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. The West End is where you are going to find the more well-known Bermuda beaches.

The East End is home to St. George, one of the three main towns on the island. Once a key port city during the American Revolution and Civil War, the East End is rich in military and architectural history, earning its spot among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Today, the East End has amazing outdoor spaces and nature reserves. No matter which End you find yourself, there are plenty of things to do!

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda
Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda. Instagram @adesant11

If you find yourself lounging at Horseshoe Bay Beach but wanting a more private experience, take a quick 5-minute walk to Warwick Long Bay. Far more secluded and rarely drawing the huge crowds of the neighboring beaches, this spot has a beautiful peach tone and is surrounded by amazing walking trails, limestone foundations, and gardens.

Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach, Bermuda
Elbow Beach, Bermuda. PHOTO LILY ADAMI

Next to Horseshoe Bay Beach, Elbow Beach is probably one of the island’s most popular and iconic stretches of pink sand. Located right in front of the Elbow Beach Resort, this pink sand and crystal blue beach is picturesque and perfect for relaxing while soaking up some sun.

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda

Crystal and Fantasy Cave, Bermuda
Crystal and Fantasy Cave, Bermuda. Instagram @upintheair.phil

First discovered in 1901 by two boys who were trying to find their lost cricket ball, the Crystal Caves of Bermuda are an unreal network of subterranean lakes and caves. Guided tours take guests deep inside these two caves where you will descend about 120-feet below ground for an unforgettable experience. You will be surrounded by deep, underground pools of crystal clear blue water as well as formations of every shape and size, and even crystallized cave ceilings.

Walsingham Nature Reserve

Walsingham Nature Reserve, Bermuda
Walsingham Nature Reserve, Bermuda. Instagram @corporateconciergebda

Known to most locals as Tom Moore’s Jungle, this 12-acre expanse of caves, secret swimming holes and forests, is one of the island’s hidden gems. Walsingham allows you to really traverse Bermuda’s natural landscape, with overarching trees overhead, a mangrove forest, as well as subterranean caves. You will also come across Blue Hole Park!

Blue Hole Park

Blue Hole Park, Bermuda
Blue Hole Park, Bermuda. Instagram @joycecyoj01

Located next to the Walsingham Nature Preserve and the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Blue Hole Park is a 12-acre destination for cliff-jumping, cave exploring, and swimming. Named for the blue hole at its center, Blue Hole Park is surrounded by mangroves and filled with bright fish. Entry is free, but it is relatively secluded – so if you are having a hard time finding this spot, try asking some locals!


Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda. Photo by Reilly Durfy on Unsplash

Known as a financial and business hub, Hamilton is the island’s capital city, filled with pastel-colored buildings along the harbor. Head downtown to find unique boutiques, various cultural sites, and some of the island’s best restaurants. The city of Hamilton is full of life and adventures since it’s often called the heart of the country.

Bermuda National Gallery

17 Church Street 2nd Floor, City Hall & Arts Centre Hamilton, HM 11, Bermuda

Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda
Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda. Instagram @bermuda_nationalgallery

If you find yourself near the Hamilton City Hall and Arts Centre, you can’t miss this bright white building on the northern end of town. Opening in 1960, this building was first home to the Earl Cameron Theatre – Bermuda’s main stage for theatrical and musical productions. Located on the second floor, the Bermuda National Gallery showcases the Watlington Collection with timeless pieces from Murillo, Reynolds, and Gainsborough. The collection features decorative arts and paintings dating back to the 1600s.

Blue Water Divers

180 Somerset Road, Sandys MA 06, Bermuda

Blue Water Divers, Bermuda
Blue Water Divers, Bermuda. Facebook: Blue Water Divers & Watersports – Bermuda

Known as the shipwreck capital of the Atlantic, Bermuda is estimated to have roughly 300 wrecks along the reef surrounding the island as new ships are continuously being discovered. If you are interested in learning and exploring this vast scope of shipwrecks in Bermuda, Blue Water Divers is a must. Blue Water Divers is the longest-running Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) on the island and offers guests the chance for two-tank morning dives, and in peak tourist season, afternoon dives as well. You will be briefed before you dive on what to look out for, what to expect, and of course, safety precautions.

Bermuda Railway Trail

Bermuda Railway Trail
Bermuda Railway Trail. Photo by Charlie Hales on Unsplash

By far one of the most scenic trails in Bermuda, the Bermuda Railway Trail not only offers a wonderful way of exploring the island but is also filled with a fascinating history. Throughout the 20th century, before paved roads connected destinations and cars were easily accessible on the island, a 22-mile-long railway extended from one end of Bermuda to the other. In 1964, 18 miles of the railway reopened, becoming a popular trail for biking, running, and even horseback riding. By 1986, the entirety of the trail was consecrated as a national park and continues to be a free, amazing way for Bermudians and guests to explore the island while indulging the views of the coastline and water.

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