5 Ways To Beat The Heat Down Under

Just some fave things to do when starting to feel hot and bothered.

It might be mid October here in Los Angeles, but the sun feels just as strong as if it were still August. With spring fully sprung in Australia, that can only mean one thing- summer down under is right around the corner. There’s abundant ways to cope with Australia’s intense temperatures that are also friendly on the wallet. I’ve gathered some of my fave things to do every time I’m visiting and starting to feel hot and bothered.

Not only does it sometimes reach triple digits in Australia, but the humidity is no joke. It makes the day seem twice as long, and sometimes even makes me question how I got all the way down here in the first place…. If my boyfriend is reading this, I still love you; I just need air conditioning like a person needs a damn Snickers bar!

Now practically a citizen of Australia, thanks to my nearly three years of a long distance relationship, I’ve tried my best to adapt to Sydney’s scorching summer months, considering that’s the only time I’m in the land down under. Being somewhat of a veteran to the blazing temperatures, I’ve come up with a few different ways to beat the sweltering heat without putting a dent in your pocket from outrageous air con bills:

Photo: Blair Siegel

1. Have a Beach Day.

This might sound like the most obvious thing to do, but the beaches in Sydney are so beautiful that yes, I’m putting this as number one. LA’s beaches are doable, but they are simply incomparable. Lather on sunscreen, wait a few minutes, then jump in the chilly pacific and let the amazingly blue waters cool you off. If you hit certain beaches you may even be able to see some fish!

Photo: Blair Siegel

2. Find an Ocean Pool.

Ocean pools are such a trending activity all throughout Australia, so why not follow the trend and check them out? These amazing pools are built parallel to the sea, allowing for fresh ocean water to fill them up so the locals can have a chance at swimming some laps without being swept away. Aside from costing nothing to get in, being seen in these pools make for a pretty hectic picture to boast about on social media.

Photo: Blair Siegel

3. Make a Day Trip to North Sydney Olympic Pool.

If you’re willing to hop on a train, pop some headphones in, and sit in air-conditioned bliss for 40 minutes, this mini adventure is definitely up your alley. With entrance costing a mere $7.80 AUD (that’s barely $6 USD), you can cool off in a 15-meter deep pool with Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge right above you. Yes, the bridge is literally right there. Cables, bolts, everything. No Photoshop required for this Instagram flick. Pack lightly; the facilities have an on sight café and beautiful restaurant to dine in.

sydney down under
Photo: Blair Siegel

4. Camp Out in a Movie Theatre.

Want to skip the heat and sunlight too? Watching a movie should be your top pick. Go with a friend, your sig. other, or hell, even go by yourself to watch the best (or worst) rated movie currently playing. Lounge back, enjoy popcorn that no one can resist, and cool down for a few hours. You might even need to bring a sweater since those theatres tend to get below freezing. By the time you leave, you’ll be caught up with all of the Oscar Buzz films.

5. Take Advantage of Happy Hour.

…. Even if it’s not for another 3 hours. Sometimes the only thing my palette wants is a nice, chilled 24 oz. glass filled with ‘Straya’s finest brews. Fifty lashes, Pure Blonde, Carlton Draught are just to name a few. Not into beer? Enjoy some cider, bubbly, or vino. Most pubs in Sydney are air conditioned, which is an even better reason to arrive before happy hour starts. On a hot summer day, nothing feels better than guzzling down a perfectly chilled alcoholic beverage. I mean we are in Australia, and the locals sure do love their scooners.

australia down under
Photo: Blair Siegel

So, next time you’re down under, or even if you live there, hopefully you’ll take my advice if you know what’s best for you. Regardless of the inevitable tropical weather, every main city in Australia is extra beautiful in the summer- so enjoy every minute of it in the coolest way possible.

Blair Siegel


Blair is a LA local with a huge appetite for delicious foods, adventure, writing and quality coffee. When she's not working in fashion or traveling, you can catch her by the pool or at the best rooftop bar!

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