All Of The Cocktail Bars In Sydney We Love Right Now

Where you can count on getting a perfectly crafted buzz every time!

Sydney-siders love a good drink anytime and the city’s bar scene has been seriously stepping up its cocktail game the past couple of years. Many cocktail bars have nailed the perfect theme, ambience and menu, leaving us with lots of choices for fabulous watering holes. Despite the plethora of great options, there are some bars we just can’t get enough of, where we can’t help but end up again and again. Here’s a roundup of our favorite cocktail bars at the moment where you can count on getting a perfectly crafted buzz every time!

Old Mate’s Place

Old Mate's Place Sydney
Facebook/Old Mate’s Place

It’s impossible not to love everything about this dapper library bar done exquisitely right. Old Mate’s Place is perched up on the fourth floor of a nondescript building on Clarence Street. The bar whisks you away from the noisy hustle and bustle of the CBD into a classy hideaway. Modeled after a traditional gentlemen’s club, the bar feels uber-sophisticated but very welcoming at the same time.

The cocktail menu is something special. The lineup features fresh, innovative ingredients and mixtures, creating drinks you may not have ever tried but sound perfectly cohesive.

Oh and did we mention they have an al fresco bar on the rooftop as well? As if you needed any more reason to flock there immediately.

Big Poppa’s

Big Poppa's Sydney
Facebook/Big Poppa’s

Big Poppa’s is another bar in which every detail was carefully hashed out and done right. Low-key basement bar, hip-hop music and late-night charcuterie? The bar, which gets its namesake from the Notorious B.I.G. himself, immediately transports you to a hopping late-night haunt in Brooklyn. The place is divided into two parts. The top is an intimate but buzzing Italian restaurant, perfect for casually impressing a date. Down below is the bar lounge set up with brick walls, dark leather booths and a gorgeous tile mosaic of Biggie at the bar.

There may be everything from Jay-Z to J. Cole to Nelly bumping on the speakers, but the food and drinks stay high class. You can order anything from charcuterie to pasta to calamari until 2 AM. And of course the bar knows what it’s doing when it comes to cocktails. You can order fun original  drinks with names like Childish Mandarino and Rye’d or Die. You’ll have to take a trip to the bar yourself to see what a Peadiddy tastes like.

Palmer & Co.

Palmer & Co sydney
Facebook/Palmer & Co

For a swanky night out at the most authentic speakeasy in the city, you can’t go wrong with Palmer & Co. Everybody loves this dim, sexy Prohibition themed bar for a reason. This underground spot is always lively and you can stake your life on getting an excellent cocktail every time. All of the bartenders are cute, charming and talented at making drinks.

This is the type of bar where you can name any drink that tickles your fancy, with any number of obscure ingredients, and they’ll know how to make it. There’s a cocktail list of enticing and colorful concoctions to choose from if you can’t make up your mind though. There’s also some rich, delicious bar bites like Chorizo Mac & Cheese and Truffled Croque Monsieur if you need some food to go down with that stiff drink. For some good old Prohibition-era American fun, head down to Palmer & Co. for a great time and even better drinks.

Lobo Plantation

The Lobo Plantation Sydney
Facebook/The Lobo Plantation

It’s impossible not to be charmed by the gorgeous interior and concept of Lobo Plantation. Named after a dashing sugar plantation owner named Julio Lobo, Lobo Plantation fashions itself as a vibrant Cuban rum bar. The bar does an excellent job of bringing a sultry tropical fantasy to life, with dark green palm leaf walls, Persian rugs and rustic antique furniture. Step down into this basement bar and you’re immediately transported to a decadent past in Havana.

This being a rum bar, the cocktails are definitely on the sweeter side. For those who love indulging in delectable fruity concoctions, the menu is chock full of exotic cocktails generously flavored with sherry, sugar and syrup. Expect to find tropical flavors like passionfruit, banana and guava. It doesn’t hurt that the bartenders love slinging drinks with lots of flare. Every few minutes the bar literally lights up with fire as they set flame to their signature drink, the Old Grogram. Don’t miss out on the magic that is Lobo Plantation, aka one of Sydney’s most beloved cocktail bars of the moment.

Alibi Bar at Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Alibi Woolloomooloo Sydney
Facebook/Alibi Woolloomooloo

As far as hotel bars go, Alibi Bar at Ovolo Woolloomooloo is definitely the funkiest one in the city with the coolest lounge to hang out in. Just like the rest of this artsy boutique hotel, the extensive bar lounge has multiple sections decked out in fun colorful decor and furniture.

Just like the hotel’s restaurant with the same name, Alibi’s entire menu is plant-based with a focus on fresh flavors and produce. Each of the Plant Cocktails is a sophisticated mixologist creation. Examples of gorgeous original cocktails include: the Flower Power Sour with Beluga Noble Vodka, Elderflower, Creme de Chamomile, orange blossom and yuzu; and the Cast Away with Hendricks Gin, elderflower, rose and cucumber tincture and grapefruit. The menu also offers excellent versions of classic drinks such as a White Negroni, Palermo Spritz and a Smogory Forest Martini. Health nuts and celiacs will love the yummy bar food that’s completely vegan as well. For a one-of-a-kind hotel bar experience, head down to this gorgeous wharf building in Woolloomooloo for a delectable plant-based creation.

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