The Wonders Of Argentina: Exploring Día del Campo

Día del Campo: the fabled grass plains of Argentina, land of gauchos, mate, and cattle.

Argentina Día del Campo 4

Día del Campo is where Argentina’s legendary beef is produced. The sweeping plains lay no more than a forty-five minute drive outside of provincial Buenos Aires.  Here are a few things you must do:

1. Visit an Estancia

I went to Estancia La Mimosa, outside of Lujan. A family run farm since 1869, this place has it all!

Argentina Día del Campo 5

2. Check out traditional folk dancing, the gauchos will blow your mind.

On the plains it’s the man who conquers the difficult steps. Wearing heeled boots and flowing pants, as is customary, they leap around and heel tap, steps that conjure images of Irish river dancers.

Argentina Día del Campo 1

3. Parrilla, parrilla, parilla, do I need to say it again?

Getting the chance to eat sausage, chicken, and beef right off the farm is a unique experience. Everything is prepared before your eyes and served fresh off the grill.

Argentina Día del Campo 3

4. Ride a horse or check out a ring race.

The race is a traditional game still played today. An arch is set up with tiny rings hanging from strings at varying lengths below it. The gaucho must then ride as fast as possible beneath the arch and attempt to skewer any one of the rings with a small stick. If he is successful, he bestows the ring upon a lady of his choosing in return for a kiss.

5. Chill out and enjoy the view.

The plains stretch out in all directions, so sit back and embrace the quite lull of the pampas and all the charm they have to offer.

Argentina Día del Campo 2

If you’re in Buenos Aires for more than a few days, this is a must do! These beautiful grasslands are sure to delight and reveal a whole other side of Argentina that lends itself to the folklore and mystery of writers such as Sarmiento, Borges and the epic poem entitled Martín Fierro by José Hernandez. So read the poem and then go see for yourself!

Hailee Donoghue

Hailee loves Argentina. Her travel style consists of flowy pants and don't forget converses. She never travels without her Swiss Army Knife, it's a pair of scissors, a knife and a wine opener. It's essential.

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