Which Are The Premier Casinos In The Mediterranean?

With the world slowly opening back up to tourism, casino fans across the world are considering their next long-awaited trip.

Casino de Monte-Carlo
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And although online casinos, PayPal sportsbooks and other virtual gambling platforms have been keeping us entertained over the last 18 months, there has never been a better time to take a trip overseas.

For many Brits looking to go abroad, the Mediterranean is by far the most popular tourist destination –and for good reason. After all, where else in the world can you get such a perfect combination of good food, excellent wine, perfect weather and a whole host of sights to take in?

For casino fans, however, it isn’t just the good food and warm weather that keeps them coming back to the Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean also happens to be home to some of the best casinos in the world.

With that said, which are the premier casinos in the Mediterranean that you need to add to your travel bucket list?

Casino de Monte-Carlo (Monaco) 

As one of the most iconic destinations for gamblers – sorry Las Vegas, Monaco is miles ahead of you – Monte Carlo, or Monaco as it is also known, is a bucket list destination for gamblers from across the world.

Monaco is famed for its beautiful streets that attract the rich and famous from all over the globe. The mega-yachts filling the harbour are always a sure sign that summer has arrived!

But beyond designer clothes, yachts and supercars, Monaco is also known as one of the world’s premier gambling destinations. In fact, there are few cities that have such deep historical ties to casinos as Monaco does.

And of the many casinos that are to be found in Monaco, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is truly the cream of the crop. Dating back all the way to 1863, this massive casino complex has been the site of a number of famous movie moments, including James Bond in GoldenEye, and more recently, Ocean’s Twelve.

With over 108,000 square feet of casino floor to explore, this is also a destination you will most certainly not get bored at!

If you’re looking for something other than gambling, however, there is still plenty for you. Entertainment options include numerous bars, restaurants and the famous Monte Carlo ballet and opera house.

Casino Estoril (Lisbon, Portugal)

Although Portugal is not necessarily known for being a famous casino destination, the Casino Estoril has nevertheless been entertaining fans in Lisbon for generations.

Situated just shy of 20km outside of Lisbon, the Casino Estoril is currently one of the largest working casinos in Europe. The first stone for the Casino Estoril was laid all the way back in 1916, which also makes it one of the oldest casinos in Europe.

During the Second World War, it was supposedly a gathering spot for spies, adventurers and royals fleeing the war – which perhaps explains why it became an inspiration for the Casino Royale novel by Ian Fleming.

Nowadays, however, this beautiful modernist building is home to a lively casino scene, operating in 12-hour stints. Visitors to the Casino Estoril will find themselves presented with an overwhelming choice of games, which includes 1,200 tables games and slots, as well as the poker room, which is famed for its design. If you do eventually get bored, however, you will be able to kick back in one of the 10 bars and restaurants that can be found in the casino complex.

Dragonara Casino (Malta)

Although nowadays it is better known for being the home of online casinos – with hundreds of online casinos having been set up in Malta in recent years – the Mediterranean island of Malta is also the site of a number of premier land-based casinos.

Of the many choices you have at your disposal in Malta, Dragonara Casino is by far the prime choice.

Also known as Palazzo Dragonara or Villa Dragonara, the building that houses the Dragonara Casino was built in 1870. Originally intended to be a summer residence for the incredibly wealthy Scicluna family, much of this sense of luxury has been carried over into the present day.

The Dragonara Casino is without doubt one of the premier gaming and entertainment destinations in Malta and attracts thousands of visitors each year. With sea views, warm weather and an endless supply of Mediterranean food and drink, we can certainly see why it has continued to be so popular!

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