Whether Women Beat Males In Sports Betting?

Women constitute 50% of the sports fan community, while men account for 72% of the money gambled legally on sports.

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New research shows that, however, while more men bet on sports in the United States, women who do wager perform better. Does this raise more issues, such as why do males wager on sports more than women? Is it true that women outperform males when it comes to football betting? Which sports do they enjoy the most? Is it true that ladies have a different incentive than males to bet their money on sports?

Why do men gamble more than women?

According to a study, 29.7% of male bettors put more than $500 in sports bets every month, whereas just 12.2% of female bettors did so. According to the same study, 65.3 percent of women who bet on sports regularly risk less than $100 per month. It indicates that about two-thirds of all female sports gamblers are occasional or monthly bettors.

Are women the best bettor?

Men may wager on sports more frequently and for more sums of money than women, but data suggests that women have better outcomes. According to a study, women gamblers in New Jersey had a 19.7% return on their wagers during the period studied, while males lost 5%. Due to their sensitivity to risk, women may be more strategic and less emotional in แทงบอลออนไลน์. Or perhaps women prefer to gamble on events with lower odds, opting for the safe bet rather than risking their money on longshots. Female gamblers also found 74% less likely to place parlay bets, which may be a high-risk/high-reward activity.

Women’s sports betting gets mostly centered on single bets such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or a primary college event. That action might result in higher profits.

The study also looked at casino results and discovered that women outperformed males. Women aged 25 to 34 lost 12.2 percent of their money playing online casino games, while males lost 23.8 percent. The disparity gets even more pronounced among younger gamblers: females aged 18-24 earned a 30.1 percent return on their investment in online casino games, while men received a dismal -67.3 percent.

Which sport do women prefer?

Football and basketball are arguably the most popular sports for wagering, regardless of gender. More than 75% of men and women bet on the NFL, with more than 40% of males betting on college football regularly. Women wager on college sports less often, accounting for fewer than 20% of all bets.

It’s worth noting that, even though there are more professional female athletes now than ever before, betting on women’s sports lags significantly behind betting on men’s sports. It is true even for female gamblers. Females are slightly more interested in betting on the WNBA.

What motivates women to gamble?

Many women may tell you that they bet for entertainment value online or at a casino. Women frequently regard a trip to the casino as a social excursion and place tight wagering restrictions. As a result of this attitude, ladies are less likely to feel pressured to succeed and are less likely to gamble more money than men, putting them in greater danger.

It’s hard to say for sure, and additional research is needed to get more data and understanding. However, it raises the idea that women gamble on sports for enjoyment, socializing, with money being a secondary consideration.

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