The Most Unusual Casino Destinations Around The World

Are you an avid gambler and are curious about what the world has to offer in terms of casinos? Do you want to know more about the most unusual casino destinations around the world?

Unusual casinos

The casino industry has been incredibly popular for decades, if not centuries, and it is only gaining more and more attention as time goes by. There is a huge difference between online and land-based casinos, and while both have their pros and cons, online casinos tend to be better than land-based casinos in several ways. First, online casinos offer more games than land-based casinos. Second, online casino players can earn bonuses and rewards that they cannot get at land-based casinos, and they can even enjoy the experience without risking too much at a 1 nzd deposit casino reviewed by Casino Reviews.  Finally, online casino players can enjoy lower stakes and payouts than those at land-based casinos.

However, land-based casinos will always remain popular tourist destinations, especially the ones that have something unique to offer. If you’re looking for something special and fun, check out one of the following locations that are home to some of the most unusual casinos around the world.

Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

When it comes to unusual casino destinations around the world there are plenty to choose from. At the top of our list, we have the desert cave hotel located in Australia.

Located in Australia Outback, this is a place where you can quite literally gamble in a hole in the ground. This location is known as an Opal mining town in the south of Australia and there’s a place that has attracted many gamblers trying to cash out big when looking for Opal.

However, for those who don’t have much luck in finding these precious stones, heading to the Desert Cave Hotel is a great stop that you can hopefully visit. The hotel offers several rooms that are located underground as well as a gambling den that has over 16 slot machines.

Casino Jet Lounge

Moving on down our list, the next unusual casino that we have is the Casino Jet Lounge. This takes air travel to a whole new level. Casino Jet Lounge is a jet that has been fully kitted out as a proper functioning casino.

The concept of this bizarre venue was to make the flying experience something more than just sitting in a seat and something fun. On this jet, you will find all sorts of gambling tables, bar slots, and just space to move around freely. Once you fly like this, you’ll never want to fly on a regular flight ever again

X-Train, Las Vegas, Nevada

On our list, we have the X-Train located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is one of the most prominent and well-known gambling locations in the entire world with a whole street dedicated to entertainment and casinos.

While most other casinos in Las Vegas are stationary and in buildings the X-Train is something completely innovative and new. As it sounds, the X-Train is a casino that is on a literal moving train. This will truly take gambling to the next level

Macau Palace, Macau

Macau Palace located in Macau is a casino that is built on the sea. Macau palace is located in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of Macau and was given the nickname pirate boat because of this. This casino is movie-famous for being in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.

Unfortunately, this casino is no longer in business and had to close its doors in 2007. It was towed away from out of the ocean, but people do not know where it is now located

Rivers Casino, Chicago

Last but not least we have the Rivers Casino which is located in Chicago. This casino is marketed as being built in a puddle, or rather a lake, and this is one of the biggest attractive features of the casino itself. By law, casinos located within the state of Chicago need to operate on water. This means that the majority of casinos have taken the form of riverboats.

However, Rivers Casino managed to find a loophole in this and built their casino on a shallow body of water. Therefore, it was technically still abiding by the law. This casino has an abundance of games to play from thousands of slot machines and over 50 classic table games such as poker roulette blackjack and more.

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