The Best Casinos Worldwide That Aren’t In Vegas!

Since the 1960s, most people’s first thought regarding the best casinos worldwide would be something to do with Las Vegas.

casinos that are not in vegas
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The casino gambling mecca has risen from almost nothing in the Nevada desert to a bustling neon metropolis, celebrated for its larger-than-life casinos and incredibly lavish atmosphere. But Las Vegas isn’t the only place to look for high-quality and decadent casinos. There are far more places globally to check out, with places such as Macau and London nipping at Sin City’s heels.

Casinos such as The Venetian Macao or The Hippodrome in London have incredible reputations, with many gamblers preferring these places to the more famous options available on the Las Vegas strip. Elsewhere, online gambling is the favored route taken by many players these days, with an abundance of game options accessible with the click of a button. Just make sure you’re playing on a high end online casino, as the quality can vary dramatically from site to site. Our focus during this article is primarily on distinguished real-life casinos, so keep reading for the best options outside Las Vegas.

In the era of the digital age, the casino Ardente app is considered a good option for playing while traveling around the world.

Other global gambling hotspots

Before we get into some concrete examples of the best casinos worldwide, it’s interesting to consider some of the other global gambling hotspots. Las Vegas has such a strong presence that it can be challenging to think of other casino-heavy cities, but there are plenty to consider. For instance, the autonomous Chinese region of Macau is commonly referred to as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Many people don’t know much about this former Portuguese colony which was formally ceded in 1999. The network of islands is home to several of the world’s largest casinos, supplying gambling entertainment to millions of tourists every year. It’s one of the only places in China where fully-fledged casino gambling is entirely legal, so there’s no surprise it has grown to be so popular.

Elsewhere, Monte Carlo in Monaco has been a prominent choice for European casino enthusiasts since the 1800s. One of the richest and most decadent cities globally, it was initially a safe haven for casino owners in the 19th century after most European authorities clamped down on early super casinos across the continent. This legacy still lives on, with the lavish and historic casinos providing a high-class gambling experience. Gamblers who crave a hotter climate also flock to the Bahamas, an archipelago offering beautiful island casinos such as the Atlantis Bahamas. Although not the largest gambling hotspot, it’s quickly establishing itself on the global casino scene.

Some highly regarded casinos

The casino quality in places such as Monte Carlo, Macau or the Bahamas means most options will be satisfactory at the very least, but it’s preferable to play at the best you can experience. Keep reading for a few of the best casinos worldwide outside of Las Vegas:

  • Atlantis Bahamas: Holidaying in the Bahamas is one of the most relaxing experiences in the world, but tourists are also treated to exceptionally luxurious and exotic casino options. By far the best of these is the Atlantis Bahamas, a beautiful island casino and hotel resort widely regarded as a perfect place to gamble and unwind, surrounded by the glittering blue of the Caribbean. There’s no end to the activities available with 21 restaurants, 19 lounges and bars, 11 swimming pools, a gargantuan water park and an 18-hole golf course.
  • Grand Lisboa: Macau’s tallest building, the Grand Lisboa casino, also showcases the largest LED dome in the world, with over one million individual lights creating a dramatic spectacle for observers. Impossible to miss on the city’s skyline, this casino more than meets expectations inside, with a mammoth 800 tables and over 1,000 slot machines. The Grand Lisboa also has one of the world’s most highly regarded restaurants under its wing, regularly lauded as Asia’s finest eatery.
  • Monte Carlo Casino: The definitive Monte Carlo gambling house, Monte Carlo Casino, attracts a wealthy clientele with its sophisticated atmosphere and penchant for luxury. Gamblers must be impeccably dressed to gain entry, which only adds to the elegant aura. Monte Carlo Casino is over 150 years old too, and you can really feel the history while playing classic casino games such as Chemin de Fer, Trente and Quarante and roulette.

Don’t miss out on online casinos

Although it’s difficult to beat visiting the best real-life casinos, players can replicate the experience from home at online casinos. These platforms often have a more exciting array of games, especially if you’re a fan of slots, of which there are thousands of options.

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