How To Lava Cave Adventure & Scuba Dive Silfra

It is worth every frost-bitten tingle!

If you are one of the 2 million people planning a trip to Iceland in the next year, then you are hot on your research and have noticed… there’s A LOT to do. Iceland is a land of exploration and adventure, a vast outlook of limitless possibilities, as long as the weather doesn’t stop you.

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Snorkling Dive Silfra Iceland

But for those looking to make a step off the tour bus path and experience something truly unique, take a gander at DIVE.IS for a snorkel or scuba dive between the North America and Eurasian tectonic plates in crystal clear (but freezing) water. It is worth every frost-bitten tingle!

Scuba Dive Silfra

Armed with a wet and dry suit (which are not the most graceful thing to put on), participants gear up with a small group to jump into Silfra, a fissure at the cross of the two plates which continue to separate 2 centimeters each year. With an underwater visibility of over 100 meters, the water is underground spring water filled from glacial meltwater and then filtered through underground lava for 30-100 years! As the fissure is constantly being refilled, the cool temp remains between 2°C – 4°C year-round but never freezes over, although it feels like it could. It is known as the clearest water in the world, so take a sip while you’re floating through.

Scuba Dive Silfra Iceland

Continue on for multi experience tour if one extreme activity isn’t enough for one day! Choose a lava cave adventure (as we did) for another underground experience through the jagged lava tubes and formations. Definitely not for those that are uneasy in tight spaces, you’ll shimmy, slide and crab crawl under “sharks teeth” ice hangings and narrow ice walls. Not interested in tight spaces? No problem as DIVE.IS can bring you along for either whale watching, horseback riding, or touring the Golden Circle once you’ve dried off from a jump in Silfra.

Lava cave Silfra

Destined to get the most out of your Icelandic trip, DIVE.IS pairs you with experienced and knowledgeable, but sassy, guides who show off Iceland’s pride and love of their country.

Note: DIVE.IS offers Hotel Pickups from Iceland’s capital Reykjavik making it easy to navigate sans cars.

Photos: Nicole Albertson


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