This Diver’s Video Shows Underwater Indonesia Filled With Plastic Waste


We all know that pollution from plastic waste is a major cause in our oceans. Diver Rich Horner captured his underwater observation in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. What’s shown is his surroundings crowded by plastic trash, as he swam off Manta Point.

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On Horner’s Facebook page, he wrote:

“The ocean currents brought us in a lovely gift of a slick of jellyfish, plankton, leaves, branches, fronds, sticks, etc…. Oh, and some plastic. Some plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups … plastic, plastic, so much plastic!”

The next day, Horner returned to the same location, but the plastic garbage were gone. The disappearance was caused by the currents that broke the plastic down into damaging microplastics.

As reported by The Conversation,  plastic pollution in Indonesia has been a growing issue. It is the second-largest marine polluter, following China. According to The Guardianthe Indonesian government has committed to USD $1 billion a year to decrease its marine waste 70% by 2025.

In this article by The Conversation, it also states that the plastic waste problem is also especially grave in areas surrounding Bali, a hotbed for tourism. This causes major threat to local sea life, and health.

The next time you visit Indonesia, or anywhere in the world for that matter, be sure to not partake in polluting the world. Recycle if you can, or stay in local eco-lodges. Or simply, don’t throw away trash anywhere and everywhere.


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