6 Of The Best Paros Beaches That Don’t Need Filter


Surf’s up!


There’s not much in the world that can compared to the golden sandy beaches against crystal waters of Paros beaches. During summertime, they’ve embraced windsurfers, foreign families, and romantic honeymooners with calm waves and chill vibes. Here’s a quick breakdown of major beaches in Paros, and what kinds of reputation you can expect so you can find the best fit. Surf’s up!

Kolimbithres – The most famous.

Situated in Naoussa, Kolimbithres features massive granite sculpted into various shapes. Its name means “swimming pools” which means that you can almost treat it like your own little sandy area with different bars and restaurants along the beach. Expect: party-vibes, windsurfing, families, and a diving club.

Golden Beach – The best for windsurf. 

Imagine a golden sandy beach that stretches 700 meters long! Windsurfers absolutely love Golden Beach, especially this is where Professional Windsurfing World Cup takes place every August. Located in Parikia, you can find hotels and restaurants in this area.

Santa Maria –  Best for snorkeling & camping.

If windsurfing isn’t up your alley, then snorkeling might be! You should come to Santa Maria beach near Naoussa. The coastline is long, divided to two areas: one referred to as “Santa Maria Camping” with the view of Naxos island, and the other features emerald waters. If you want to learn how to dive, there’s a diving school here where the water is clear and the sand is white.

Monastiri – The most romantic.

Although surrounded by a small rocky bay and ginormous rocky hills, Monastiri Beach is popular especially during summertime when organized concerts and beach parties take over the shore. With the view of the Monastery, many yachts will rest here while some can also snorkel. This sandy beach with crystalline waters is known for its alluring romance, even with crowds.

Pounda – The most crowded.

Similar to the vibe of Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Pounda attracts travelers that are in need of a variety of beach facilities, music pumping to the max, and lots of parties. Getting to the beach requires passing through a bar and a swimming pool. To lay out on a lounge chair, then you need to buy drinks.

Livadia – The most authentic.

Authentic means, “shabby-chic”? Or it just means less tourists hit up Livadia. It’s quieter and more relaxing here, hence ideal for children and swimmers. It’s a long beach but easy to reach from the city. You can quickly walk to restaurants with very friendly staff.


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