10 Kitesurfing Camps For Solo Travelers Worldwide

And a variety of fun things to do.


Are you a solo traveler seeking an experience of a lifetime at a kitesurfing camp? Whether you are an experienced kitesurfer, a beginner or an intermediate kitesurfer, these 10 kitesurfing camps are all excellent choices.

They come with the ‘extras’ including breathtaking sceneries, topography, warm climate, mixes of intriguing cultures, great places to relax, and a variety of fun things to do.

1. Greece

Greece has an incredible landscape with snow-capped mountains, natural palm forests, and pristine water bodies. Greece always comes out tops because of its strong winds – for the better part of the year – and the Mediterranean climate characterized by long, hot and dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

Mostly warm, it’s a perfect kitesurfing destination. There are a ton of kitesurfing camps to choose from but the best ones are located in Rhodes, Paros, Drepano, and Naxos.

2. Spain – Tarifa Cadiz

This small, old and stunningly beautiful town of Andalusia, Spain, is Europe’s most popular wind sports destination, especially between June and August.

It’s windy at the beach, and the climate is warm with oceanic influences. While some visitors report the wind can be too strong for beginners, intermediate and advanced kitesurfers who have been here swear by the perfect surfing experience.

Tarifa is a surfing nirvana by day, with swanky bars taking over at night to provide an interesting nightlife experience.

3. Cape Verde – Sal 

Besides awesome kiting conditions, this west coast African archipelago presents a unique mix of cultures, attractions, breathtaking landscapes, and a relaxing vibe – perfect for alone time.

Camping in Sal is a particularly good choice because this island boasts the Santa Maria beach – a whole 4 miles lined up with everything a kite surfer needs.

You can also go on an island tour around Sal, visit the village of Pedra de Lume, or Buracona Sal Island; swim or snorkel.

4. South Africa – Cape Town

‘Stoked riders full of great vibes’ is how most solo travelers sum up their Cape Town experience while on a kitesurfing camp with newfound friends.

While Cape Town’s weather can be fickle – changing within hours – you can bet on the wind being mostly strong and the water always clear: perfect for kitesurfing!

Besides, most kite camps are strategically located near the beach and with good proximity to recreation facilities, shopping malls, eateries, bars and spas.

5. Italy – Sicily, Lo Stagnone

Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island, offers great kitesurfing beaches and more . . . beautiful towns to visit, rich history, cultural experiences, scenic views, architectural beauty, and countless opportunities for adventure and activities.

The water is turquoise blue, the waves constant, the wind steady, and the camps strategically located on the beach.

While most visitors end up in Palermo and Catania because of the many tourist attractions, Lo Stagnone – west of Sicily – remains kite surfers’ hidden paradise. Here, you are guaranteed plenty of alone time, away from crowds of locals and tourists.

6. Spain – Canary Islands

Warmth, steady wind, and beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by cliffs and sheltered coves make Fuerteventura the crown of the Canary Islands in Spain. A famous tourist, water and wind sports destination, Fuerteventura never disappoints adventurous solo traveling kite surfers.

While there are not so many kitesurfing camps because the place is under-developed—a plus if you’re looking to enjoy your time alone away from crowds—there are a couple of great camps that are quiet, spacious, comfortable, clean, modern, and stylish.

7. Brazil – Maranhão

A dense grove of cashew and palm trees, a beach laden with white sand dunes, clear water, and ever steady wind. What more could a kite surfer ever ask for? Nothing beats a kitesurfing experience in Maranhão.

Maranhão’s kitesurfing camps are unique and cozy and therefore perfect for solo travelers. Harmonized with the surrounding, the interiors are interesting and they feature spacious verandas and shades on the outside – complete with hammocks.

For a perfect evening, enjoy a drink and the beach breeze while watching the sun go down, followed by an outdoor dinner party.

8. Philippines – Boracay Island


There’s only one word for Bulabog beach on Boracay Island: enchanting. Its beach culture, active water sports setup, beach vibe and style, classy bars, and relaxation spots put it among Asia’s premier wind and water sports destination.

The kitesurfing camps on Bulabog beach present endless opportunities for learning or mastering kitesurfing, adventure, and relaxation all at the same time.

9. Egypt 


Besides its rich history and popular antiquities which have put the world under a spell, Egypt’s kitesurfing experience appears on many bucket lists.

Egypt’s kitesurfing camps are not necessarily a regular one on a beach. Your kitesurfing camp could be spending days on a hammer head yacht cruising the Red Sea enjoying the sport on different spots and water bodies (calm water on islands and sandbars, waist deep flat lagoon water, and fast moving sea water).

The itinerary for these camps often features visiting secluded beaches, riding downwind under the watchful eyes of a safety team on a rescue boat, and accommodation.

10. MoroccoEssaouira Province

The bay of Essaouira is a dream destination for any kite surfer. It is known to many as the “Wind city in Africa’’ and features long beaches. This means, even as advanced kite surfers dominate the ocean, beginners get enough space to learn, make mistakes and master new tricks.

While 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal temperature, wind ranges from 16-20 Knots making Essaouira a bit chilly. The water is mostly 63 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit so a wetsuit is recommended all year round.

The town is just a 10 minute walk from the beach and has everything a traveler could want – shops, hotels, restaurants, markets – you name it. Unless you plan on seeking other sweet spots away from Essaouira, a car is not necessary. Even then, you could use a taxi.

A solo traveler will enjoy exploring this small town, trying traditional bites like shawarma, and making cultural discoveries.

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