This Snowboarder Survived Being Trapped Inside Icy Crevasse In The Alps


Courtesy: YouTube

Brandon Kampschuur is counting his blessings and rightfully so.

Kampschuur fell 50 feet into a crevasse in the French Alps and he is still alive to recount the fearful experience. The American expat moved from San Francisco to France, where he went snowboarding with a local guide on February 17, 2015.

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As described on his YouTube page, Kampschuur was:

…snowboarding off-piste on Glacier des Rognons in the Grands Montets resort in Chamonix and I fell into a deep crevasse. I sustained very minor injuries during the fall and landed on a snow bridge. I was skiing with a guide who found me within about 20 minutes and initiated a crevasse rescue with the Monte-Blanc ski patrol. I was out of the crevasse about 45 minutes after falling in. I was very lucky.

As he was waiting for the rescue crew, Kampschuur filmed the near death experience where he fortunately fell on the highest part. He turned the camera in various angles to show how deep and narrow the crevasse was. In fact, his snowboard was key to breaking his fall that could’ve have caused serious injury.

After being rescued by a Mont-Blanc ski patroller, Kampschuur was barely hurt except for a bruised elbow.

This is a super bad situation that I think I got super lucky in because I slid all the way down this crazy ice chute and I landed kind of at what looks to be the pinnacle of it all…I don’t even want to know what’s down there. It looks deep.

Check out the rest of Kampschuur’s unreal experience on

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