The Ultimate Summer Sendoff: Chicago’s Air & Water Show!


Soar into the City for a Weekend-Long Show that You’ll Never Forget

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It’s just another Thursday at the office and you find yourself watching the time tick by until it’s 5 o’clock. You’re gazing out the window at the beautiful summer sun in Chicago just wishing you could be out there enjoying the day. Noon strikes and you hop out of your seat and head down the street for lunch when suddenly, your typical Thursday becomes a lot more exciting. You hear a roar and look above to see four perfectly spaced fighter jets soaring overhead. Your lunch break becomes a special sneak peak of the weekend’s festivities: The Chicago Air & Water Show!

Practice for the show happens intermittently while different sets of performers fly into the city. This is great just in case you have weekend plans and can’t make it to the real thing. It’s truly an exciting time in the city and you’ll frequently find pedestrians and people in cars stopping to stare at the show up above.

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For over 50 years, tourists and locals alike have flocked to Chicago’s beaches, rooftops, and harbors every August to watch the city’s Air & Water show. And the added bonus? Admission is FREE! The Air & Water Show is a must-see, and it is also the perfect way to spend one of the last few summer weekends in the city.

I was born and raised in Chicago and this summer event never gets old. The twists and turns of the planes across the city’s lakefront and skyline are simply incredible year after year. Some of the fan-favorite performers include the US Navy Blue Angels, the US Army Parachute Team, and the US Air Force F-22 Raptor.

Chicago Air & Water Show 4

Watching the air acrobatics of these performers and others leave you in complete awe and amazement. Additionally, the contrails left behind by each of the jets make for quite the picturesque display in the sky. If ever you find yourself planning a trip to Chicago in late August, certainly try to plan your visit for the weekend of the Air & Water Show.

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Photos: Facebook/Chicago Air and Water Show

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