The Bay’s Hidden Treasure Trail: Mission Peak


The Bay Area is known for its techie ways, expensive coffee, and even more outrageous housing prices. Lesser known are the outdoor treasures of the Silicon Valley, ones that require zero coding or venture capital. Lodged away in Fremont, a city southeast San Francisco, lies a challenging trail for adventure seekers and lovers of the outdoors. Tucked away behind an attractive, small suburb, Mission Peak is the result of a landslide that began in 1998. Now a regular local attraction and everyday workout for residents, the Peak provides a challenging hike and Insta-worthy photos.

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Once you’re there, you’re confronted with two trails—one curvy and long, the other a steep, straight incline (keep your mind out of the gutter!). Which one to take? Beginners and those with injuries should stick to the longer trail, while experienced hikers or ambitious adventurers can experiment on the straight incline. It takes approximately two hours to climb up and the same time to get down the peak. At the pinnacle of the hike is a resting point with rocky paths and the iconic Mission Peak pole, covered in stickers and sharpied tags. Almost everyone takes a picture on or next to the pole, symbolizing the completion of their adventure.

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Throughout your trek, you’ll see brave folks hand gliding and paragliding overhead and tiny creatures such as lizards and snakes below. Not only do you get a beautiful view of the peak’s grasslands and rolling rocks, you get the awing view of Fremont and beyond. Seeing the world from this point of view is refreshing and grounding.

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Go on a sunny day, and come back with calories burned, muscles defined, skinned tan, and a bucket list item checked. As one of the Bay’’s best natural treasures, Mission Peak is highly recommendable.

map mission peak san franciscoSEE IT FOR YOURSELF:

Mission Peak 

Stanford AvenueFremont, CA (map, website)

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