How I Went On My Honeymoon And Didn’t Gain 1 lb. Without Dieting!

I didn’t obsessed about my weight.

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Recently I got married!!! Whoooo Hooooo! It was the best time of my life; truly. I’ve never experienced so much love at the same time from so many different people. It was like the heavens opened up and showered my husband (J), my family, and I with every beautiful emotion humanly possible.

One the nuptials were over we went on an amazing honeymoon to Greece and then off to Paris. The love continued and so did the food!!! While I promised myself that I would not be on a diet during this time, I also didn’t want to come home from the best time of my life only to find out I had gained 20 lbs. Can you imagine? To complicate matters, Thanksgiving was 2 weeks after we returned to NYC, and Christmas was around the corner. Well, I’m happy to say I survived a wedding, honeymoon, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without gaining any weight! Literally. My weight the week of the wedding and my weight today, 3 months later is the same. I’ve actually lost 1 lb.

How did I do it without dieting? I promise, I ate what I wanted for the most part (you should know that I love healthy food and my problem is mostly sweets, but I still indulged). We had Fried feta in Greece and ate tons of fresh baked bread with olive oil. I ate baklava in Greece and Turkey (we passed through Turkey often on our travels), I had Cuban deserts in Miami (where we got married), I ate croissants and delicious buttery entrees in Paris, and gained no weight. So WHAT DID I DO? I know you’re tired of the suspense.

We worked out less than we would if we were home. The intensity of my workouts were also reduced, but I did workout about 2-3 days per week. We also walked a ton! We’re travelers and love to explore so we went wherever our hearts desired, and in Europe this means a fair amount of walking.

I ate my regular breakfast like I would if I were at home, after my workout. For me that’s usually some oatmeal and eggs with coffee. Like I’ve written about on my blog Tie Sides and Scoops, I like to go to grocery stores in other countries to buy snacks and my basic food items. So that was no different here. We bought Yogurt, (*we would call it Greek yogurt, but in Greece they just call it yogurt; they’re already in Greece!), and all of our typical snaky stuff (apples, peanuts, gum. But we also bought flavored potato chips, cheese, wine and liquor), and took the snacks with us when we went on our daily excursions. For lunch we ate whatever we could find, but we split our meals. So we’re eating what we want, but it was portioned controlled. Imo, this was key. Dinners were usually an indulgence; including desert and wine. But hey, we were on our honeymoon so we didn’t care.

I didn’t obsessed about my weight, so being stress free about life in general was also helpful.

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Nic Hyl

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Nic is a fashion designer who loves to write & travel--always eager to immerse herself in local culture & explore off the beaten path. Her ambitious goal is to visit every country!

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