5 Sweat-tacular Experiences To Keep Your Fitness & Travel Resolutions

Get sweaty, energized and maybe with a new stamp in your passport!

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PHOTO Sarah Reinbold

January is coming to a close, and if you find yourself among the predicted 80% of people whose commitments to losing weight, better managing stress or learning a new skill are already flagging, then it’s time to dust off your sneakers and suitcase (and maybe even your passport!) and jump back into the game! Maintaining your health and fitness resolutions doesn’t have to be a chore when there are so many amazing opportunities to get in shape while exploring a new part of the world! Here are five experiences that will leave you sweaty, energized and maybe with a new stamp or two in your passport!

1. Seek out a special fitness event at your destination.

PHOTO: Sarah Reinbold

Whether you’re into Zumba, BodyPump, Crossfit, Vinyasa Flow, or BBG, or even if all of those makes about as much sense to you as applet code, there is a style of movement to suit everyone! Often, fitness instructors or brands host special events to expand to new audiences while showcasing the best of their style or product. Although the purpose of the event may be to work out, you’ll have fun and socialize with locals too! Because brands often collaborate on or sponsor these events, there are usually prizes or giveaways involved. Just search Facebook, Meetup, or Google to find the event that tickles your fitness fancy! And, if you need a place to get started, Fresh to Death Fitness hosts events around Madrid, like this upcoming killer ballet fitness extravaganza guaranteed to bring out your inner Bond girl or 007!

2. Run a race!

There are so many marathons and half-marathons all over the world in unbelievably beautiful settings. I’ve had friends run races everywhere from the Portuguese countryside to Scandinavia to New York City. And the beauty of many of these races is that you do not have to be a serious runner to participate and have a great time! Try a Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon—they hold races throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe with distances starting at just 5k. As a bonus, the races feature live music to power you on to the finish line, all while taking in the sites of a vibrant new city!

3. Take a long walk.

PHOTO: Sarah Reinbold

More and more people are discovering the transformative power of donning a backpack and setting off on a long walk. Fresh air and solitude can work miracles when it comes to reducing stress and re-centering the mind. If you’re the crunchy type, choose something with truly rugged nature–I have a friend who hiked Alaska last summer and came within spitting distance of grizzlies. If you’re like me and not willing to give up certain creature comforts, the Camino de Santiago is a perfect place to start. Abundant trail options that will take you through parts of Spain, France and Portugal, picturesque countryside, a diverse group of fellow Pilgrims and access to dining and hotels make this a perfect low-key, fit-cation option.


It IS possible to tie one on every now and again and still be fit and healthy. Next time you’re in a city known for its vibrant nightlife, balance out all the vacation eating and drinking you’re sure to do with a night of dancing at the clubs. Unapologetic indulgence AND exercise—you really can have it all!

5. The best treat is a retreat.

If you’ve got extra money burning a hole in your pocket, fitness retreats that spotlight everything from yoga to horseback riding to surfing can be great for rejuvenating your mind and motivating you to smash those fitness goals. You might as well close your eyes and put your finger down on a map to find a destination because fitness retreats have popped up nearly everywhere. Of course, I’m rather partial to Spain, so I’d recommend an Azulfit Yoga and Pilates retreat in picture-perfect Fuerteventura, reputed to have the best beaches in the Canary Islands. No better place to work on that beach body than at the beach!

Drop me a line and let me know where you plan to sweat-cation! Happy (and healthy) travels!

Sarah Reinbold


As founder of Fresh to Death Fitness Madrid, Sarah loves to kick back and relax on one of Spain's breathtaking beaches with a craft beer for the ultimate laid-back vacation.

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