#JetsetFitness: What To Pack For Your Traveling Workouts

BY NIC HYL, CEO of Nager by Nic Hyl Women’s Swimwear


Working out requires a different set of clothes and shoes than what we would normally wear. Particularly if you’re traveling. Personally, I always struggle with packing everything I need for my workouts, while travelling. Mostly because I don’t want to pack too much (I’m a light packer and the idea of bringing one thing that I don’t need gives me anxiety). So how do you pack and bring all of your workout items without bringing your kitchen sink too? Well, keep reading for some great fitness packing tips!

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What kind of workout(s) will you be doing?

If you’re trying to save on space, the worst thing you can do is pack hiking gear if you are actually going swimming. So before you start to get your space savers out, think about what your workouts will be. Are you doing yoga only? Tennis anyone? Mountain walks? Once you know what workouts you’re going to do, packing strategically for them is simple.

Stick to one type of workout.

Variety is the spice of life. But for someone traveling and working out it can be the kiss of death. Keep it simple. I typically choose one type of workout to do while I travel, just so that I minimize the amount of gear I have to bring. If you’re staying in a resort that offers a gym and different options of working out, you can use their equipment to help save space. If you’re not staying at this type of place, then you’ll have to pack our own gear…plan ahead so that you have an accurate idea of the type of workout you’ll be doing and thus an honest assessment of what gear you need.

Plan your workouts ahead of time.

This serves two purposes. First, as it relates to what we were just talking about, you’ll know what to pack. But secondly, you’ll also know how much to pack. If you can only get in 3 workouts, packing 5 days worth of workout clothes is a waste of space. I’m normally a fly by my seat kind of woman when it comes to exploring and traveling. But for my traveling workouts, like to plan them out to prevent from over packing.

Workout Skincare.

Remember to pack your workout cleansers, wipes and sunscreen for your trip. I typically use the smaller, reusable plastic containers to bring my after workout cleansers and sunscreens. It’s important to try to also keep the same skincare regime for your post workout sessions while traveling, that you have while at home. Knowing how many workouts you’ll be doing, will help you know how much of these products to bring with you.

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