#JetsetFitness: 3 Yoga Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I have never been a huge Instagram user.

Call me old-fashioned or technologically challenged, but the photo app never caught-on with me like it did with the other 7 billion members of this planet. I post the occasional photo and scroll through to like photos of my friends, but I never invested time in gaining a lot of followers and the idea of searching for and viewing pictures of strangers just seemed a little…creepy. That is, until I discovered Yoga themed Instagram accounts.

The photos I found on the yoga themed accounts were awe inspiring, radiant, full of beautiful settings and people and motivational in a positive, healthy way (the total opposite of the appalling thin-spiration accounts that exist). These accounts are vibrant and inspire you to strive for mental and physical peace, the antithesis of the cultural ADD I find most Instagram accounts engender.

The following three Yoga Instagram accounts are my favorites. Their images capture my attention in an immersive way that makes the rest of the world melt away, channeling my focus to the one visual in front of me, allowing my mind to feel at peace. In addition, all of these accounts include beautiful quotes with their images to help you re-center and stay positive and joyful throughout the day.

I may have been 6 years late to the Instagram game, but these accounts have made me a believer. Enjoy!

1. Photo from Aloyoga

Aloyoga is a yoga-wear brand, however this account is definitely more inspiration for the practicing yogi than mass advertisement. I love the images of friends and couples practicing together and all photos incorporate nature, creating striking visuals.


2. Photo from AshleyGalvinYoga

Ashley’s practice is beautiful and her images are striking. Her photos always strike me out of my daily reverie and inspire me to live boldly.


3. Photo from thejourneyjunkie

Journey Junkie’s account is genuine and sincere. Her combination of nirvana-esque photos and girly quotes make the account relatable and encouraging.

My favorite quote from these accounts:

I hereby break all contracts I made unconsciously & consciously before I knew the depth of my own Spirit; the silent ones, the ones I inherited, passed down & accepted as my own from generation to generation.

I hereby severe all ties with that which holds me down & back, unable to see the glimmer of what I know to be true, whether by my own creation or by expectations tied like weights around my ankles, or by others lost in the sea of their own confused hearts.

I hereby reclaim my right to choose how my story unfolds, armed with creativity, a heart made of gold & reverent humility.

I hereby fully accept all of this living & what-is-yet-to-come with brash integrity & loving determination.

I hereby swear to use my superpowers for the love of all beings & I return anything that no longer serves my Higher & Lower Self (& the ones Caught-in-Between) with gratitude & consciousness.

I do this all with love, from the great source of it found in my very own beating heart.

Thank you for this beautiful piece of wisdom @jtheourneyjunkie.

Alexandra Baker-Brown

From a young age, Alex started visiting different continents with her family and then as a solo traveler later in her life.

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