6 Of The World’s Revitalizing Health & Wellness Retreats

We all need some R&R, why not take escapism and revitalizing to a whole new level.

We all reach a point where we feel a need for a lifestyle makeover. Whether we’ve become anxious or bored with our current situation, some grounding does everybody good now and then. Health and wellness retreats have become increasingly popular as the weight of the digital age hammer down on our psyche. But when it comes to giving your body the TLC it deserves, first, figure out what type of retreat meets your needs. Do you want to lose weight and tone up? Or do you feel like you need some spiritual realignment? Here are six health and wellness retreats that offer a variety of everything you’d need to help get your head back in the game.

The Sanctuary

Sura Thani, Thailand.

Sanctuary Thailand
FACEBOOK Sanctuary Thailand

Resting on ancient granite quartz crystals, The Sanctuary in Thailand is a place of reconnection, relaxation and rejuvenation. Through their detoxing and wellness retreats, guests will learn to heal themselves through the practices of yoga, meditation and a healthy diet. Their philosophy is set on healing you from the inside out; self-awareness and harmony within one’s self is their key to reconnection. The ultimate place for rest and relaxation, The Sanctuary really is “something else.”

The Little French Retreat

Uttarakhand, India.

Little French Retreat
PHOTO Little French Retreat

For those seeking a more adventurous journey through spiritual and self-reflection, The Little French Retreat offers a 14-day trip within the Himalayan landscape. Accommodating only six guests per retreat, you will receive one of the most personalized experiences on this list. Expect to indulge yourself in the spirituality rooted within the area by visiting temples of spiritual significance. On the way to the temples, however, you will participate in Silent Walking – a major part of the retreat, allowing you to easily tune in to nature and your breathing. Your diet will be that of a “healing” one. The Little French Retreat sees “food as medicine,” opting for vegetarian, organic, toxic-free ingredients for dishes.


Uttarakhand, India.


Located within the Himalayan Mountains lies Ananda, a multi-program health and wellness retreat. Hosting various detoxing, fitness, meditation, balancing and massage-based programs, Ananda is the place to get a pick-me-up perfect for the soul. With daily rituals practiced within ancient temples or upon holy river banks and a diet following Ayurveda’s principles, the holistic “Science of Life” will balance you physically, spiritually and mentally. Customized programs are available for all guests.

The Ranch

Malibu, California. USA.

The Ranch

Rated 2020’s #1 Spa Resort Destination in the World by Conde Nast, The Ranch is pertinent within L.A. culture as Hollywood celebrities. Located in Malibu, The Ranch offers luxury R&R through hiking, yoga, weight-incorporated workouts and massages centered around detox and weight loss. The programs range from 4-10 days, each with rigorous activities through their “Transformative Fitness” Program, it’s no wonder that many A-list celebrities have sought the transformative power of The Ranch. With an impressive 200 miles of hiking trails and a luxurious plant-based menu, the Ranch is worth its hefty price tag.

The New Life Hiking Spa

Killington, Vermont. USA

New Life Hiking Spa
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Tucked amongst the trees of Vermont’s mountains, The New Life Hiking Spa uses the life around it to show just what mountain air and a healthy lifestyle can bring. Named Health Magazine’s #1 U.S. destination spa in Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016, the retreat centers around fitness and healthy eating. These nature-focused activities serve mental tranquility as you hike up a beautiful Vermont mountain. The food served at New Life does not follow a vegan diet like most health and wellness retreats, but they follow a “water-based food” diet. Fruits and vegetables are at the core of healthy eating and according to New Life’s philosophy, is a big reason for their guest’s health improvement.

Ayahuasca Foundation Retreat

Iquitos, Peru.

Ayahuasca Foundation Retreats
FACEBOOK Ayahuasca Foundation Retreats

Ayahuasca retreats have been growing increasingly popular as more studies are being conducted on psychedelic effects on mental health and disorders. Held in Peru, the Ayahuasca Foundation supports multiple retreats a year, ranging from 8-day to 18-week programs. The courses are meant to heal from the inside out, literally. From taking the actual ayahuasca to the multiple ceremonies before it, the retreat will ground you back to yourself via group yoga and meditation sessions.

Daniella Fishman


Daniella is an NYC born adventurer with a love of traveling, writing, eating, and rollerskating. Dani is passionate about supporting local communities and exploring everything from bustling city life to quiet woodland retreats. There is an adventure around every corner if you open your eyes and mind to it.

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