Itching To Go Somewhere? Try This Travel Bucket List

I continually add to my travel bucket list.

My go-to form of procrastination is planning trips. As I mentioned in my article, Wanderlust 101: Travel Therapy, I have been dreaming up various extravagant vacations for years. I continually add to my travel bucket list, but as of right now, here are my top five adventure trips:

lapland, findland

Road tripping across the U.S.

I recently realized that while I’ve spent my past three years jetsetting all over the world, I haven’t seen much of my home country. Almost all of my time within the U.S. has been spent on the west coast and I would like to experience some of the many other things this country has to offer. It’s looking like this trip, at last, will become a reality this summer. While the details are still a little fuzzy, I will be driving from California to New York with my sister this spring. Here’s a map of our current itinerary (made by the app RoadTrippers, which is currently my favorite travel app).

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 5.13.09 PM

Sleeping under the northern lights

I found pictures of Kakslauttanen Hotel’s “igloo village” on my StumbleUpon account a few years back and ever since, I have been looking for an opportunity to go to Finland to see the northern lights. The glass igloos start at about $300 a night per person so while I’m on a tight budget, I might consider enjoying the show from a hot spring in Fairbanks, Alaska instead.

Kayaking in Patagonia


Gliding through Patagonia’s glaciers has been a longtime fantasy of mine. Kayaking is one of my favorite activities while traveling, as these excursions are usually the highlight of my trips. Amazing past experiences have included Croatia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Backpacking in the Himalayas


My parents spent two weeks backpacking in Bhutan and I have yet to hear the end of it. Be it hiking or biking through the mountains, I would love to see views like the one in this picture in person.

Island-hoping in the Galapagos

Ever since I had access to travel books and the Internet, I have obsessively researched trips to the Galapagos. I can’t emphasize how many times I have attempted to convince my family to go there for our next family vacation. Unfortunately, this is probably the most far-fetched of my dream destinations since the tours tend to be extremely expensive (coming from a college senior’s wallet) so in the meantime, I’ll work on fulfilling my other travel dreams.

Lizzy Monroe

Originally from Eugene, OR, Lizzy graduated from Stanford University. She's a coffee & street market enthusiast, her travel style involves planning ahead but never hesitating to improvise. Her favorite country is South Africa, she never travels without her Swiss Army Knife - mostly because of the hidden pen, tweezers and corkscrew.

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