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BY JENNIFER SPRING LEVYConsultant and Real Estate Broker

Your connection to the world and civilization is no longer at your fingertips when you decide to camp off the beaten path at Flat Rock Lake.

Very few are familiar with camping on Flat Rock Lake. It is the type of place that you would need to know someone who has been there before to reveal the location. The only way to get there is by a boat with no engine. Your only means of travel there is to canoe and portage .

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Camping can be a very special kind of taste. A taste that craves you  to embrace the primitive life and nature in its purest form.

My decision to say “Yes” to the opportunity to Camp in North Ontario Canada was done easily given that I have camped places around the world but never truly here in Ontario.

Nervous and out of my comfort zone I began to get excited.  Slowly, realizing that I need to make sure I have the bare essentials to survive. Food, plenty of water, light, fire, and so on. (Great camping checklist can be found here.)

It ain’t easy canoeing for hours with a loaded canoe of all our gear and serious stamina and strength to portage is needed.

However, the way you feel once you reach your destination- camping spot, is elevating and rewarding.

The sun, birds, animals, water, and fresh Air all greet you with serenity and once you take it all in you realize how no humans, no machines, no artificial noise surrounds you.

It is you, nature and whom you chosen to be your company.

My friend and I decided to make sure to set-up everything before dark. It took us around 2-3 ours to set up everything.

Lunch, reading, fishing, music, and hiking took the day away.

The night is special. Dinner with only a fire and few lanterns to give light is in this setting thought provoking.

But most beautiful of all is the star gazing at night. We were located near the falls facing Mars. On this night, Mars was visible. Shooting stars would surprise the sky and the stars would glitter all night.

A gift to sleep too.

If you plan to camp and decide to explore Flat Rock, then be sure to do your research. For example, canoeing near waterfalls is dangerous and life-threatening.

If you would like to skip hours of canoeing and or portaging to Flat Rock Lake then checkout this Mom and Pop Marina And Water Taxi services at a near by lake called Go Home Lake. Ask for Jack (son), a fantastic down to earth Georgian bay native and he will help you out. The Marina is called Minors Bay Marina at Go Home Lake. The phone number is  1-705-756-1660.

Have an awesome time and be safe camping.

Photos: Jennifer Levy

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and Russia because they were all so different! St. Bart's was pretty amazing too (wink)!

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