Bikini Season Can Wait! Hit The Slopes In Vermont

For spring vacation, a few friends and I packed up a truck and drove out to Vermont.

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If you’re looking for a tan, look elsewhere. However, if you’re seeking adrenaline and adventure, skiing is the way to go this spring. For spring vacation, a few friends and I packed up a truck and drove out to Vermont. The beautiful thing about skiing (or snowboarding, or even tubing…no shame!) off-season is that mountain resorts offer amazing deals. Check out for the best bargains. To sweeten the situation, the resorts are rarely crowded in the spring. This means minimal wait times at the lifts!

Sofia Vermont ski spring break

For those who are new to skiing, fear not! My first experience skiing was over spring break. All of my friends were more experienced than myself so they were able to give me a few pointers (read: they were there to rescue me every time I flew off the trail). After my friends attempted to teach me how to ski, I signed up for group lessons. This is the best part of the story: I was the only person who signed up for group lessons at the resort, so I got a private lesson for the group-rate. Win. I highly recommend professional help for beginners; skiing can be quite the dangerous sport and lessons can help you be safe on the slopes.

Sofia Vermont Spring Break ski

At this point if you’re considering being a snow bunny this spring break, you might be wondering “…but where’s the party?” This is a valid question. There are two very fun options for partying down in ski towns. Option one: go to a local bar. In my personal experience New England is a treasure trove of craft beers and a treasure trove of interesting personalities. Go out and meet everyone. Option two (my option of choice): rent a cabin and throw a party. Over spring break my pals and I rented a cabin for a week, so we skied all day and partied all night. Since we were there during the off-season, most of the cabins in our neck of the woods were unoccupied. In other words, we were able to play music as loud as we pleased. We made a grand fit pit in the snow, roasted s’mores, and danced all night.

Bikini season can wait, hit the slopes!

Sofia Snow Vermont spring break

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After living in Costa Rica for quite some time, Sofia developed a travel style that is "expect nothing, embrace everything." She loves Spain. When she travels, she can't live without...clean socks.

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