Find Your Comfort Zone In The Heart Of Amazon Forest

You’ll have to leave a lot of homely comforts behind.

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The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest in the world and is almost twice the size of India. The forest covers a large part of northwestern Brazil and nearly 40% of South America’s total landmass, occupying parts of eight countries in the South American continent.

A trip to the largest rainforest in the world is every nature lover’s dream, you’ll be right in the lap of mother nature with uncountable trees, and millions of wildlife species as your best friends throughout your stay.

If you’ve decided to take this trip; leave the cool and dry weather behind to enter the hot and humid jungles, you’ll see what you’ve never seen before and experience what cannot be experienced anywhere else. This also means that you’ll have to leave a lot of homely comforts behind, but times have changed. Many luxurious jungle lodges and river cruises have come up right in the heart of the mightiest rainforest to help you get a comfortable experience of the most biodiverse place on the planet.

Here’s how to find your comfort on your Amazon adventure:

What’s not to love about the Amazon – the ‘Lungs of the planet’, the source of so much water and oxygen. Please do not spoil your trip because of unrealistic expectations like seeing river dolphins at every river bend. The happiness of Amazon is more calm and subtle.

You’ll always hear the sounds of wild animals like monkeys, witness the kindness of the tribes, and see how huge the Amazon river is.

When to Visit

It rains a lot in the Amazon, like a lot (read: something you cannot even imagine). So for a comfortable trip, May or June would be the perfect months. The clear weather in these months will give you an ideal opportunity to explore and hike to new places.

How to Reach

The most comfortable way to reach the Amazon is from Manaus, the capital city of Amazonas. Manaus is a natural gem where you can witness the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ – converging of the dark negro River with the muddy Solimões River.

Manaus is connected to major cities of Brazil and America by air. You can easily find tour operators here and then march onto the best journey of your life.

What to Carry

  • A backpack for all your essentials
  • A suitcase for clothing
  • Holster
  • Water-Resistant Jacket
  • Swimming trunks/shorts
  • Waterproof Case
  • Hiking Boots
  • Tactical Pants
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunglasses

A Wild yet Comfortable Experience 

The most comfortable way to experience the Amazon is by booking your stay at a luxurious ‘jungle lodge’. You’ll find decent lodges or resorts with private rooms and bathrooms, mosquito nets, delicious local food, daily tours. Although some facilities like 24-hour electricity may be scarce. Many lodges also provide an option to camp in the jungle.

Riverboats are yet another comfortable and luxurious way to explore the Amazon. You can spend the night in the boat, enjoy with tribals, and go for excursions. Most lodges and boats offer tree climbing and fishing facilities as well.

Some of the activities that every visitor to the Amazon must do is to go for hikes in the jungle, explore the wildlife, visit a local family, and the like. For all such activities, you would typically need around five to ten days (including travel). If you’re staying for more than ten days, consider exploring different parts of the Amazon.

A trip to the Amazon is a once in a lifetime experience. The jungle can be harsh at times, but the above points will help you be in your comfort zone throughout your stay. Share your Amazon exciting experiences in the comments below.

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