Become A Mermaid With These 5 Tips


Along with Daisy dukes and bikinis on top, California is home to Mermaid Azalea. Now, if I wore a mermaid tale for anything other than a Halloween or themed fraternity party, people would think I’m crazy. But once you’re a professional mermaid people go wild and actually pay you to attend their events.

When I met Mermaid Azalea on the beach in Los Angeles, I was actually super excited. I mean, it’s not every day you get to meet a real life mermaid. She beached herself on the Palos Verdes coast to show me her gadgets and gizmos and share her tips for becoming a mermaid. Not to mention we spent most of our time drinking “mer-mosas” with her mythical sea creature friends. I guess it’s true what they say, brunch really is better down where it’s wetter.

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1. First thing’s first: pick a name.

Make sure it’s a name that will separate you from all those basic mermaids. Azalea said, “I wanted to personify myself as the ‘flower child of the sea’ so I chose Azalea because it’s a type of purple-pink flower that blooms in the spring. Not only does it represent my personality but also my bold purple tail.”

2. This leads to your next must-have: a tail.

You know what they say about big tails, you’ll have a stronger core. “Land creatures don’t realize how much athleticism goes into being a mermaid,” she said, “I have to swim for a couple of hours straight at these events and being able to hold my breath, smile and perform is a challenge.”

3. Get yo’self a mertender.

Especially if you plan to move around on land. A mertender will carry you wherever you need to go. Walking in a tail in not an option.

4. Mermaid swag.

“Maintaining your appearance is so important. Every day I brush my hair with my dinglehopper (AKA the fork) and move over Victoria’s Secret – I create my own seashell bras with the prettiest and most perfectly shaped shells that I find on the ocean floor.”

5. Join mermaid groups on social media.

That way you can network and learn other ‘mer-magic’ tricks for booking gigs. When you first start out, trying to figure out your mermaid identity can be difficult. Reach out to other mermaids and listen to their unique stories, no two are alike. Anyone who has a heart and desire for it can become a mermaid.”

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