The Badass GoPro That Fell Out Of A Skydiver


Courtesy: YouTube 

10,000 feet and it’s still GoPro-ing strong!

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Leif Orstadius, a resident of Kristianstad, Sweden found an old GoPro camera in the field of Gringelstad. Over the weekend, his son Kristoffer, a journalist at Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish newspaper, posted the video on YouTube with the caption:


My dad found an old GoPro camera in Gringelstad outside Kristianstad. It has been on a meadow, probably for several years. Now is the upphittad – and we are in search of the owner. The memory card is intact – this is the last film. Are you the right skydiver? Please let me know so we can submit camera and memory card.

With a memory card still fully intact, the video shows that the GoPro flew out of a skydiver’s helmet during the middle of an adventurer’s skydive.

The video immediately garnered more than 640,000 views, and Orstadius has provided the newest update: the owner, Tobias Persson, was a resident of Everod, Sweden. Persson took the memory card but left the camera for Orsadius.

In the past, there’s been different resources set up for lost GoPro’s. For us avid travelers, it’s a complete nightmare as we capture amazing moments on the road but suddenly lose the gadget which beholds our adventurous memories. Take a look at Facebook page The Lost Go Pro and blogs including thelostgopro that connect lost and found informations specifically for GoPros. Though neither have been updated for awhile.

Source: International Business Times. Additional reporting by Jetset Times. 

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