Say Goodbye To In-Flight Pet Peeves With Qatar Airways New Plane


Photo credit: H. Goussé/Master Films/Courtesy of Airbus

Say hello to Qatar Airways new A350-1000 aircraft, the first of its kind to be added to Airbus’s fleet on Tuesday.

The plane can fit 281 people in economy, and 46 people in their new Qsuites business class, making that 327 passengers in total.

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The Qsuites are something to be admired, with double beds, sliding doors and multiple passenger configuration. It is the first Airbus ever to feature the Qsuites, however 16 other planes have them available.

Switching to economy, the seats are pretty roomy compared to most global flights, with the seats being 18 inches wide and having 32 inches of pitch.

The exterior of the plane measures 243 feet from nose to tail, making it the longest fuselage of the A350 XWB family. It has a range of 7,950 nautical miles (making it extremely fuel efficient), and wings that “morph” mid-flight to “obtain optimal efficiency,” according to Airbus.

Photo credit: H. Goussé/Master Films/Courtesy of Airbus

What makes this plane so exciting for passengers is that it helps get rid of some of the in-flight pet peeves one might experience. There is higher cabin pressure and humidity thanks to the way the plane was constructed, so longer flights are less likely to “dry out” passengers. Jet lag can be minimized with the cabins 16 million LED ambient light settings, and hospital grade air filters help with better and cleaner air circulation.

Starting on Saturday, February 24, the aircraft (which is the first of 42 that Qatar Airways has ordered) will begin flying daily between Doha and London.


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