Just In Case You’re Itching To Try Eiffel Tower’s New Zip Line…

If you want a different view of Paris!

If you want a different view of Paris…why not zip your way toward the best one packed with adrenaline.

Since the French Open is currently in town, sparkling beverage brand Perrier has installed a what is called “Le Perrier Smash,” where adventurers can go 375 feet above and dash from the Eiffel Tower, over Champs de Mars and end up at L’École Militaire. The zip line is available to your daredevil spirit from June 5 to 11.

The zip line flies by in less than a minute at 55 mph, which is to keep up with the theme of tennis, since the speed of a kickass tennis serve is at the same speed. Afterwards, you can celebrate your zoom at Eiffel’s Champagne bar! Sante!!

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