A Trek To Connecticut’s Lighthouse Point Park

Lighthouse Point Park is a 1847 lighthouse that anchors New Haven’s beachfront.

Lighthouse Point Park 2

We arbitrarily picked a destination and set out equipped with a few dollars, a GPS, and raincoats. I have learned the hard way that one is never completely safe from the threat of rain in Connecticut. My trusty companion, Olivia, and I set out in the direction of Lighthouse Point Park. The park is five miles away from home for us, but we wanted an opportunity to explore more of our city, so we ventured on foot (spoiler alert: my legs were jelly by the end of the trip).

It quickly came to our attention that we don’t get out much because only 20 minutes into our trip we were in unfamiliar territory. We found ourselves in an area called Wooster Square, and luckily for us, there was a farmers’ market in town. After sampling our weights’ worth of locally produced kettle corn and yogurt, we bought some incredibly soft and fluffy apple cider donuts. I was not aware that donuts could be so good! You can find them at Sweet Madeline’s in Connecticut.

Lighthouse Point Park Connecticut 1

After savoring our donuts in the perfectly picturesque green of Wooster Square, we continued on towards the lighthouse. Google Maps directed us to walk under freeways and through an industrial park. Google Maps must have sensed that we were true adventurers. We leapt over broken glass bottles, braved the toxic smells of construction sites, and forged our own paths when the sidewalk was missing—only  to find ourselves in an even more treacherous area.

I’m not willing to admit that I am afraid of ghosts. However, as we turned up Townsend Avenue, the streets were lined with an ominous wall of shadowy trees, and we didn’t encounter any other people on the desolate road for nearly a mile. There were also eerie memorials from the Revolutionary War along the street. Spooky.

I was a happy camper when we finally reached the lighthouse. Not necessarily because the park was particularly spectacular, but because we finally got to sit. The park consisted of a few benches along the rocky Atlantic shore, and several picnic benches on a grassy knoll. After romping around the beach, it was time for these weary travelers to begin the five-mile walk home. And right as we started walking, the rains came.

Lighthouse Point Park Connecticut 3


Sofia John

After living in Costa Rica for quite some time, Sofia developed a travel style that is "expect nothing, embrace everything." She loves Spain. When she travels, she can't live without...clean socks.

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