8 Fun Group Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For many people, one of the best parts of getting outside is enjoying it together with friends and family. The great outdoors offer plenty of opportunities to have a good time with the people you love and to make new friends–and activities such as camping, kayaking and hiking are all popular ways to do it.

Group Activities Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ready to meet up and get active? These eight outdoor group activities make awesome group trips for friends, families and even some office groups. Many are also scalable for a wide variety of fitness and ability levels whether you want a leisurely Saturday afternoon or something a little more physically intense. Any of them could be your next great outdoor trip!

1. Camping

Camping is all about camaraderie. From telling stories and jokes around the campfire to appreciating the beauty of nature together, it’s a wonderful thing to feel the personal bonds that the natural world can create.

Camping spots are available all around the U.S., so it’s usually not too hard to find one. Just look up state or national parks near you and learn about whether they offer campsites. Camping is also an ideal jumping-off point for other activities such as fishing, hiking and many more. Just remember to “pack it in, pack it out” and to obey common-sense camping safety rules.

2. Fishing

Fishing is a great way to get out in nature with friends, and perhaps to catch a tasty meal while you’re at it. Because it’s a pretty calm activity, fishing is particularly good if you want to enjoy a conversation with a good friend—or, alternatively, to enjoy the silence of a friendship that doesn’t always need conversation.

Make sure to read your local laws on fishing since you’ll need a permit in some places and it’s not allowed in every body of water. And if you’re planning to eat your catch, know whether the fish in your area are safe to eat first.

3. Horseback Riding

Horses have been key to human survival for centuries, and it’s only relatively recently they’ve been replaced by the automobile for transportation. When you get on the back of a horse, you’ll understand a little better why that connection has been so important for so long.

Horseback riding is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that also offers the opportunity to connect with amazing animals and explore the outdoors at the same time. Scenic trail areas sometimes feature group horseback rides, but if you want to learn more about how to actually ride a horse safely and well, there’s no substitute for lessons. Remember that horses are large and powerful animals, so always be sure to treat them with respect and follow your guide’s instructions.

4. Hiking

For beautiful scenery, an invigorating workout and great opportunities to bond with your friends and family, it’s hard to beat a good hike. Hiking lets you experience nature at a slower pace, with plenty of time to stop and appreciate the beauty, as well as time to bond and share special moments with your fellow hikers.

If you or your group haven’t hiked in a while, start off with a small and manageable trail and remember to bring plenty of water and snacks. And much like camping, be mindful of the waste you create and be careful not to litter or damage the environment.

5. Skiing/Snowboarding 

If you’re in a place where skiing and snowboarding are available, these activities can offer a fun-filled day out. Those new to the sports will likely spend a lot of time on their butts at first, but most people can pick up the basics quickly enough to tackle a few fun, easy slopes by the end of their first day. Renting a ski cabin is also an awesome weekend getaway for friends—just remember not to mix skiing and alcohol.


6. Yoga

Looking for a gentler activity to do outside with your friends that’s equal parts socializing and exercising? Try yoga which is fun to do outside on a nice day and can be a great opportunity for friends, old and new, to connect. Bring some yoga mats to a park, plus a few snacks or drinks, and have some self-care time together.

7. Riding Motorcycles 

For those who know how, riding motorcycles can provide a thrill unlike any other. Also, group rides are a great way to check out the scenery, improve your riding skills and generally enjoy the feel of the open road. But before you set out with a group of riders, make sure you have a good understanding of motorcycle group riding safety.

Group rides are usually more successful when all of the riders are at approximately the same skill level. (Rider skills courses from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation are a great way to get less experienced riders up to speed.) Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a motorcycle helmet communication system so that you can easily communicate with the other riders whenever you need to. And always, always, always wear a helmet.

8. ATV Group Trail Riding 

Maybe you love to rev up, but prefer the backwoods to the highway. If that sounds like you and your friends, it might be time to jump into some ATV group trail riding. In a group trail ride, you and your friends mount up on four-wheelers or UTVs and tackle a wilderness trail with the help of a guide.

Much like a motorcycle, remember to bring an ATV communication system to stay connected throughout your ride and keep track of your group members. And don’t forget that helmets are strongly encouraged—and in some places, required by law—for ATV and UTV riders.

ATV Group Activities Trail Riding

The fun of the outdoors can be even better when it’s shared. Just remember to use all of the appropriate safety equipment, let someone know where your group is headed and make sure you’ve got an expert’s supervision and guidance during activities like rock climbing and trail riding.

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