Borrowing Bills To Bungee At Great Dragon Gorge 龍慶峽

“Easily the best 150 I’ve ever spent!”

bungee jumping china
PHOTO Wonmin Lee

“Is that what I think it is?” I exclaimed as we passed under a giant crane. People around us started snapping photos as the next person stepped up to jump. We timed our screams with his as he plummeted towards the water with excitement in the air. This is an opportunity I couldn’t let pass.

We were at LongQing Gorge, or the Great Dragon Gorge, a large canyon on the outskirts of Beijing. I had already lost hope for excitement when we discovered the bungee platform – a large crane-like structure.  Price of 150 RMB was a small fee for adventure-starved tourists like ourselves.

Sixty thrill-filled seconds later, I was dangling from a rope 20 feet from the water. A small boat manned by two workers came chugging along.  “Grab the stick!” They yelled at me. It was either the blood in my head, or the fact that I had just jumped off a cliff, I desperately grabbed for the stick to no avail. A good five minutes later, I stepped nervously onto the shore.

Bungee jumping China
PHOTO Wonmin Lee

A small crowd suddenly cheered as I looked up from the boat, onlookers apparently formed into a small circle during my jump, cheering for me.

“How was it?”

“Was it worth the money?” Various voices in the crowd asked me. I didn’t know them, but I couldn’t help but be moved by their excitement.

With a giant grin across my face, I replied, “Oh yeah, easily the best 150 I’ve ever spent! Who’s going for round two with me!” I high-fived a small teenager and sprinted back up the stairs.  Back for jump number two.

bungee jumping china
PHOTO Wonmin Lee

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