L.A.’s Rustic-Cool “Mi Corazon” Mexican Restaurant Just Opened Another Location

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Pair that with artisan cocktails.

Looking for cozy, homestyle Mexican cooking in the heart of Los Angeles? Now diners don’t have to look any further than Los Angeles’ Silver Lake area where the newest location of Mi Corazon just opened!

Mi Corazon’s original location is in Glendale, where the restaurant’s been serving delicious homemade Mexican food for the past couple of years. The owners behind the restaurant are charming Angeleno couple Jeremy and Vanessa Swan. Jeremy is a tattoo artist at Broken Art Tattoo, just right down the street from the restaurant’s new Silver Lake location. His wife Vanessa crafted the menu using her grandmother’s home-cooking and family recipes. The Swans’ floor presence is friendly and inviting, infusing the restaurant with the perfect community, family-friendly vibe it aims for.

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As many Silver Lake establishments can often feel overwhelmingly hipster and pretentious, Mi Corazon is a pleasant, down-to-earth surprise. The decor is rustic, tasteful and understated. The restaurant feels warm and welcoming as soon as you enter from Hyperion Avenue with its lowlights, colorful prints and domestic memorabilia. It has all the elements to make you feel like you’re about to sit down to a lovely homemade meal.

Everything about the food at Mi Corazon is sophisticated yet accessible. The menu is familiar, consisting of tacos, enchiladas, wet burritos, fajitas and meat and fish entrees. Despite being classic casual Mexican fare, one can taste the authentic quality and care that goes into crafting each dish. The restaurant is dedicated to only using hormone-free, non-GMO meats and fish. Simple foods like the Pozole Verde show off refined flavors and preparation while remaining satisfying comfort food.

Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice as Mi Corazon is all about offering healthy and filling vegetable options. The veggie enchiladas with zucchini, squash and bell peppers are just as yummy and flavorful as their counterparts with chicken. Everyone must try the Cauliflower Corazon loaded with cilantro, peppers and aioli. Definitely the most delicious starter on the menu to kick off your meal.

The restaurant also offers an impressive variety of artisan cocktails for a low-key venue. Skilled bartenders are there to whip up a variety of sweet, stiff or spicy cocktails featuring more than just mezcal or tequila. Some highlights include La Pantera Rosa, an uber-pretty gin cocktail flavored and tinted with rose water and peach bitters. Tequila and mezcal based cocktails pack a huge punch, whether they’re sweet but strong like Riverside Dr. or spicy and flavorful like Abuelita’s Garden. There’s a diverse range of international beers, wines and spirits as well as four unique Boilermaker pairings which are a nice touch.

With quality homestyle cooking, unassuming ambiance and inviting community vibe, there’s absolutely no excuse to miss the new Mi Corazon in Silver Lake. It definitely delivers the comfortable and delicious dining experience that’ll have eaters coming back regularly.  


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