#JetsetFitness: How To Travel And Not Gain 1 Pound!

It’s August. For most people that means fall is around the corner, for me that means that I am roughly 9 weeks away from my next fitness competition.

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But of course, since it’s summer, it also means that I have impromptu travel plans like my family reunion and a trip to D.C to surprise my fiance with tickets to see his favorite soccer team play.

9 weeks out from a competition and traveling is pretty tough if you’ve never done it and if you have, you feel my pain. During this week and a half long trip to two different U.S. cities, I managed to not only stick to my workout routine but also lose 2 pounds. How you ask? Well there are a few answers. Most of which some may not like, but depending on your lifestyle and what you have to do when you return home, you may need these tips 🙂

travel fitness

1. I drank a ton of water.

It helps to keep you full and hydrated. It also helps to ward off any bloating you may be experiencing from traveling.

2. I ate a healthy breakfast, snack, and lunch.

If I splurged it was for dinner and only once. Most days, my diet was on point.

3. I did cardio. Everyday.

Weight training builds muscle and cardio burns fat. As a fitness competitor I was without a gym so I didn’t do any weight training but I did wake up everyday and do fasted cardio for at least 35 min.

4. Fasted cardio-cardio when you first wake up before eating a meal.

It helps to burn more fat because there is no food for the body to use as energy, forcing it to use the fat. In using the fat, it burns it off more quickly. You have to do your cardio as soon as you wake up to be safe, as working out on an empty stomach can cause problems if you go too long without food. Be careful here and consult your physician if you have any questions.

Once I got home and checked in with my coach, we were happy with my progress and not one pound was gained! Hooray!!!!

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Nic Hyl

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Nic is a fashion designer who loves to write & travel--always eager to immerse herself in local culture & explore off the beaten path. Her ambitious goal is to visit every country!

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