Intervention: The Most Hilarious Way To Get To Know Your Flatmates


Intervention game

When it comes to bonding with roommates and friends, party games are a no-fail way to do it. Think Apples to Apples, or a fun game of boozey Jenga for a night of fun and laughs. Despite the influx of party game apps and new card games in the past decade, few newcomers have made a lasting impression and we’re left blowing the dust off our Scrabble boards. When I was first asked to try Intervention, a game created by a team of pals from San Francisco, I was admittedly skeptical. New party game? Not so fast.

Intervention is a game that is not only fun, but also reveals how much you know about your friends, roommates, or even the strangers you’ve only just met. One player starts by reading off a question—mine happened to be “Who’s is most likely to get hitched on their trip to Vegas?” and every player votes for the person in the group they think best represents the answer to the question. Thus begins the suspense. Giggles ensue and looks around the room come on. Each person then guesses how many votes they’ll get (No Votes, Some Votes, or the Most votes) and players get 3 points for a correct NONE or MOST guess, and 1 point for a correct some guess. And that’s it. Repeat, and the first person to rack up 21 points wins it all.

Intervention game cards

Prepare for some awkward looks and embarrassing moments as everyone chooses who in your circle is most likely to be a cat lady or addicted to selfies. The bouts of harmless humiliation are completely worth it, because your night will be full of endless laughter. Who knew you are the unanimous chatterbox, and that your best friend is the queen of social media? In some ways, Intervention is a continuing game of high school superlatives, but way more hilarious and ten times less serious.

By the end of my first game, we learned that my friend Patrick would be first to eat a friend on a deserted island and Ally would definitely be the first to toot it and then deny it. And while some of these conclusions may not have been absolute, I think we all got closer after the night. Whether it’s a rainy day in or a night of partying at home, Intervention is today’s answer to a perfect party game. For better or worse, Intervention is a hilarious way to get your friends and yourself a little better.

Currently, the game can be downloaded and printed for free on their website, and Intervention’s Kickstarter is launching soon to bring an awesome physical version to your next party. Start playing today:

You can also check out Intervention on Kickstarter.

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