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Spajuicebar Florida

In 2008, Sonia Terboss was diagnosed with breast cancer. While undergoing a lumpectomy and radiation, she kept spirits up by learning how to reconnect and heal her body. Now on her way to change the lifestyles in South Florida by launching Spajuicebar, a new line of hand crafted, cold pressed organic juices called: Calming, Morning Boost, Beetie, Dandelight, Energy, Glow, Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me, Tasty…and many more.

Don’t think Jamba Juice! These are made in holistic, organic, cold pressed slow process that makes sure juices are fresh and work optimally. These organically delightful and super healthy juices can be delivered to offices and private homes in thermally insulated packaging.

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On a quest to get well, Sonia began to integrate a whole medicinal juicing routine into her treatment, consuming 32oz to 64oz of fruits and vegetables every day. As she juiced, Sonia began to notice the healing and nurturing benefits of raw juicing. And her doctors confirmed what she already felt; her tumor was shrinking. In addition, her complexion improved and her hair and nails began to improve. She soon had an illuminating thought: Why not teach others to integrate juicing into their lives via a dedicated business that took all the work out of the process. She would devise the recipes, make the juices and deliver them right to someone’s home. It couldn’t be easier and more effortless.

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Building on popular and proven studies and science, Spajuicebar devises its recipes to extricate the optimum nutrients and enzymes existing within vegetables, fruits and herbs so they nurture, energize and cleanse the body, leading to a balanced, healthier lifestyle that includes weight loss, a pronounced emotional boost and other benefits.

The next time you step foot in Fort Lauderdale area, make sure to order some and have them delivered to your hotel room.

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