3, 2, 1…Cities That Totally Nail The New Year's Eve Fireworks


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Planning where to go on New Year’s Eve is something that we all look forward to. Let’s be honest, after a week of holidays at home with our families, annual NYE is typically reserved for friends who party in the same style so you can all go somewhere to have the best time ever!

Nothing else symbolizes the start of a New Year like magnificent fireworks. Luckily, I’ve had the chance to celebrate NYE in several cities around the world, so I’ve narrowed down a few international cities that truly encapsulate what it means to welcome the New Year. With or without resolutions!

Hope you all have an amazing soiree, and safe travels!

1. For The Kick-Off Experience: Sydney, Australia

In 2012, the city from Down Under welcomed the New Year with a 12-minute session of fireworks that kicked off fireworks from the rest of the world. Because of time difference, Australia was the first to welcome 2012 which captivated 1.5 million people to Australia’s famous harbor.

2. For The Off-The-Beaten-Path: Taipei, Taiwan 

Not to be biased because it is my hometown, but Taipei 101’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are so unique and different from the rest of the world that I literally rush back just in time to catch it in person every year. The notoriously tall Taipei 101 plans a gorgeous fireworks display that shoots out from one of the tallest buildings in the world. (SEE ALSO: Exclusive Interview with Taipei 101: Newsweek’s “One of the Seven New Wonders of the World”

3. For Those Who Can Hack The Cold: Moscow, Russia 

Yep, it’s cold. Reeeeal cold. But you just can’t beat watching sparks of colors over the Kremlin Square. There’s actually a tour that offers a 9-day New Year’s Eve in Moscow. Yeah, I know, that sounds cold too.

4. For The Glamorous: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

There’s no doubt that Dubai does extravagance exceedingly well. That is, anything and everything. Over-the-top, millions of visitors, orchestra, water shows next to massive deserts. Simply the perfect way to celebrate the New Year like the ultimate jetsetter.

5. For The Romantics: Paris, France 

Oh, the Eiffel not only delivers the most romantic experience, it is also extremely accessible to everyone. That is, if you have a friend who lives on the top floor with a balcony. Watching the Eiffel Tower glow and glisten on New Year’s Eve is just like every storybook ending, every novel ever written. It is THAT unbelievably surreal.

6. For The Euro-Chic: London, England

Besides being in one of the best cities to party in, New Year’s Eve in London also means, you get to watch the most elaborate fireworks in the world, right next to Big Ben! Not only is the fireworks display legendary, London also hosts a festive New Year’s Day Parade on the 1st. Get ready for guards, horses, lots and lots of confetti!

7. For The Music Lovers: New York City, New York

The Big Apple knows how to put one a show. Lady Gaga and Mayor Bloomberg counted down the seconds one year, Dick Clark used to rule the nation’s TV sets. NYC continues to do it right, year after year, party after party. Being in Time Square is for those who love music and want to check out the best performances by today’s biggest music acts. Let’s be honest, there’s no other city that says “Happy New Year” better than New York.

8. For Those Who Go Big And Never Want To Go Home – Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas…I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of spending New Year’s Eve in Vegas quite a few times. And it’s always filled with millions of crazy crowds, extraordinary fireworks, the best after-parties. The countdown happens on slot machines and the strip lights up with colors beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. Vegas is an experience on its own, and mix in New Year’s Eve…Well, make sure you make it out of there alive!

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