5 Spanish Drinks That Will Quench Your Thirst


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Tasting the local cuisine is always on the top of a traveler’s list, but what is a good meal without a great drink to go with it?

Although I’m not on vacation in Spain, my water polo schedule here has not restricted me from experiencing true Spanish culture. Part of this culture includes exploring the many delicious beverages treasured by the locals. During a night in or a night out, quench your thirst with one of these favorites.

1. Tinto De Verano

At the top of my list is the tasty and classic Tinto de Verano. From what I can tell, this Spanish classic is a staple in the culture and diet of Spaniards. This cold, wine-based drink is simpler to make than sangria but is no less delicious. Served everywhere, Tinto de Verano is a mix of wine and fruity soda. This drink is perfectly sweet and refreshing, and also gives you a great wine buzz!

tinto de verano spain drinkImage: flickr.com 

2. Café

If you love strong coffee, you will be in coffee heaven in Spain. No instant coffee here! Every restaurant and bar I have been to has its own grand “cafetera” that grinds up coffee beans, steams milk, and crafts gourmet coffee drinks. What is the best part of Spanish coffee you ask? In my opinion, it is that a “coffee break” could simply not happen. Friends and family use coffee and cafes as central meeting grounds. Going to coffee could easily turn into taking five hours out of your day to enjoy warm drinks with good people.

coffee in spain

Image: travelaway.me

3. Cruzcampo Cerveza 

As a person who prides herself on trying anything once, I do not have a particular “favorite drink.” I select based on my mood and often, a beer is the chosen thirst-quencher. Clearly, the national beer had to make my list. Cruzcampo is literally everywhere. Whether consumed at a dive bar, a sweet café, or at a fútbol game, one glass of this strong lager will definitely force you to order another, and possibly another. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on a Cruzcampo Navidad, the holiday brew!

Cruzcampo Cerveza beer spain

Image: cervezafresca.com

4. Agua De Sevilla

Literally translating to “Water of Seville,” this delectable drink is found in and around Seville, Spain. Southern Spain is the warmer part of the county, and this tropical cocktail provides evidence of this fact. Even parts of pineapple juice, cava (sparkling wine), whiskey, and Triplesec combine to create this perfect mixture. Wine and whiskey may not sound appealing at first, but don’t knock it until you try it! I promise this local treasure will not leave you disappointed.

Agua De Sevilla spain drink

Image: Pinterest

5. Diverging from Your Usual 

Spaniards have their own special twists for classics like a Gin and Tonic, as well as a Rum and Coke. If you stick to the basics when abroad, order your drink but make sure it is with local brands. I recommend Beefeater Gin from the UK and Barceló Rum from Spain as the main components of your favorite cocktail. It never hurts to get out of your comfort zone a little! At the end of the night, you may even have a new favorite drink.

Barceló Rum spain drink

Image: luxuryspirits.es/Top image: Pinterest

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