Supersize Seats! Samoa Air Doubles the Space and Legroom for Obese Passengers


samoa air

In April, we reported that Samoa Air was exercising a “Pay As You Weigh” initiative, aka: fat tax, meaning that all passengers of the airline would be physically measured on a scale at airports, combined with luggage weight. Starting on June 24th, the airline added bigger seats to accommodate passengers who are obese. Originally made from two adjacent seats without the armrest, the larger seats will have 14 extra inches for legroom.

Samoa Air is a smaller airlines that conducts flights with three airplanes. Each airplane has 10 or less seats that carry some of the biggest travelers. It has been reported, 80% of Samoans are considered overweight and the airline also believes  40% of its passengers are between 220 and 280 pounds with some passengers weighing more than 400 pounds. In an effort to elaborate on the “Pay As You Weigh” regulation, the larger seats are meant to provide more comfort for passengers who are spending more cash on higher fares.

Other additions include: new ramps allowing easier boarding for those who can’t climb up and down the stairs. Samoa Air also partnered with a fitness center to provide 66% discount coupons – three kils for the price of one on the passenger’s next flight.

Do you think Samoa Air’s new changes make sense? Let us know what you think!

samoa air

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