Top Apps for Your Travels, #3: PicsArt – An Exclusive with Co-Founder Artavazd Mehrabyan


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The new app sweeping the nation is called PicsArt Photo Studio. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, it’s a must-have for all travelers looking to document their precious memories with flair. Besides being free, this app has recently added even more updates to its already abundant features. Now, along with Picture Editor (for photo manipulations), Magic Effects, Draw, Sharing, and the Photo Art Community, PicsArt has added localization for twelve languages, a photo contest system, and Face Fix Tool. To get an insider look of the mind behind the magic photo-editing app, we spoke with Artavazd Mehrabyan, Co-Founder and CTO at Socialin Inc.

picsart tech appJST: Can you tell us what the vision for PicsArt is?

AM: Everyone has artistic skills inside of them, and they want to reveal that artist inside. PicsArt is a place to discover the inner artist. It gives people the tools for making it easier for ordinary people to create artworks, and to do it without lots of training. It’ll amaze your friends!

JST: And how did you come to invent the product that came from this vision?

AM: Well, we had made apps before, in Myspace and Facebook. We moved to android, and we really liked it. We had beta-tested many apps dealing with photography and manipulating fonts, and we carefully monitored the user behavior with these apps. But throughout, our vision remained the same and our one target app was a photograph-drawing app. We continued to work with different applications because we wanted to combine them into one powerful photo studio. After PicsArt came to fruition, we discontinued our other apps. PicsArt was amazing. From the beginning, it was a big success. It went viral.

But today, we continue our mission to have great user communication, and user feedback. These are the keys to us, to make the app friendly to users. We started with a small team, and we grew, but our wish still is to bring the inner artists out of people.

picsart tech appJST: So, in your opinion, what is the best feature downloaders will get from PicsArt?

AM: PicsArt itself! It’s fun to use.

JST: We agree. We tried it out, and it’s very entertaining to show off the artworks later! And the feel is very different from other photography apps. What do you think downloaders appreciate in the differences between PicsArt and other apps in the same field, like Instagram?

AM: Yes, you are right, it is distinctive. Instagram’s mission is photo sharing. It leads you to share. It’s really only one line of operation. In PicsArt, there are many avenues to take the app. You’re free to start drawing from scratch. You can take pictures from different networks. You can combine the pictures in collage. There are endless possibilities to play with pictures in PicsArt. In the end, the finished result is truly what we call art. Instagram is more memory or event based. But, in PicsArt, there is an art community. The focus of our network is to bring together people who don’t know each other as well.

picsart tech appJST: I see. So, in this respect, how integrated are social media tools to PicsArt?

AM: Well, we value the user’s freedom. They can see effects options and tuning points. It’s the same with the network; they’re free to save or email it. They can SMS it, or upload it to several networks. We support ten or twenty different networks, such as twitter, tumbler, Facebook, etc. But, they can also share it into our art community, join contests, explore and grow as an artist. And they can also just save it for themselves. Though there are many ways for the users to use the social media tools, it’s not obligatory.

JST: Are there any special features travelers will especially love?

AM: PicsArt is quite big with travelers. It has traveler packages with traveling icons and other unique features we made for users on the go. A lot of them love to decorate their travel pictures, for a more artistic feel to their memories. Our team also has tons of experience traveling, so we know what we want from this sort of app when we go abroad. That’s part of the reason why the user is able to find locations of pictures on Location Search.

picsart tech appJST: We can’t wait to see what future developments PicsArt has for us; what can we expect?

AM: There are many new features we are working on at the moment, especially for traveling. And it won’t be long until they hit the Internet. Travelers should also check out our companion apps. There’s a PicsArt for kids that would keep mothers happy when they’re on the go. Children have huge imaginations and love taking pictures on trips and creating things with them.

Download it today!

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