Riding Through Munich In Style: Bike Tour Is All You Need

A bike tour is filled with four hours of great sightseeing, information, and fun.

bike tour munich

The historical architecture of the streets in Europe creates a beautiful contrast to the modern-day concrete jungle of the United States. The rows of buildings that line the cobblestone streets are incredible no matter what angle you look at them from. Each of them is at once in the same style but with a unique personality, and all with a bit of the past instilled in them.  Germany is one of the many countries that exemplify this beauty, with Munich as one of its quintessential towns to visit.  When in Europe, I was fascinated by the fact that contrary to the States, a car seemed to be one of the more inefficient ways of traveling.  Walking in stilettos doesn’t cooperate with the cobblestone either, for those who are interested. The best way to see the city? Take a bike tour!

munich bike tour

My bike tour through Munich was orchestrated through Mike’s Bike Tours, a renowned bike tour company. The staff is friendly and will have a wonderful day planned for you. Usually, you begin in the Marienplatz, a central square in Munich.  This is where the infamous Carillon is, with its grand bells ringing every day at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., and 5 p.m.  The Carillon is like a moving cuckoo clock, with figures spinning around as the bells ring for its period of time, announcing the time to all those who can hear it.

From this main square you ride into the streets of Munich avoiding traffic on your beach cruiser. You swerve through to the historic buildings scattered throughout the town.  My tour guide was hysterical, cracking jokes at all times while still giving us a great and informative introduction to all of the history that Munich has to offer.  Buildings such as the old Hofbrauhaus and Theatine Church are on your agenda for the day. This gives you a small but ingestible taste of the rich culture and history.

munich bike tour

When you are filled with enough wheat for the day, you continue your ride along the river in the English Garden. You pass the area where people river-surf, and you go back onto the Marienplatz.  Overall, this bike tour is filled with four hours of great sightseeing, information, and fun.  The way to travel in style in Munich is definitely on a bike.

After riding through the English Garden along its beautiful river, you come to one of the many beer gardens in Munich, nestled in the trees of the garden.  When you arrive here you will be surprised and pleased by the excitement going on. Everyone is sitting at large communal tables, much like the Hofbrauhaus, enjoying their beers outdoors from the classic one liter beer steins. Additionally, there are other goodies there like Germany’s renowned soft pretzels.

Article written by Sarah Graham. 

munich bike tour

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