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twitterIt seems now every traveler has a blog. Some do it as a hobby, and for some, it’s a great way to update family and friends while meandering around the world. Many bloggers promote and market their sites by utilizing the power of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. We’ve looked into ten travel bloggers on Twitter, ones that have huge followings and each shooting out tweets on a constant, frequent basis.

Check out their websites and follow them on Twitter. There’s lots of helpful information out there about all sorts of traveling, from family-oriented vacations, travel photography to luxury hotel finds. Hit that “follow” button and RT away!

@EverywhereTrip (118,745 followers) Blog: Everything-Everywhere

Gary Arndt has been to  all 7 continents, 116+ countries, all 50 states within the U.S. 9/10 Canadian provinces, every Australian state and territory, over 125 US National Park Service sites and over 180 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He has one of the biggest followings among travel bloggers. Gary not only makes his tweets fun (hello, trivia!) he literally tweets from wherever he is in the world, and he is quick to reply to his followers. Did we mention, his blog is pretty awesome too!

@theplanetd (49,266 followers) Blog: The Planet D

Both working in the movie industry, traveling is what defines Dave and Deb – a married couple from Canada. With an enormous following on Twitter, Dave and Deb promote their blog, live broadcasts and travel stories via frequent tweets throughout each day. The Planet D is a blog that takes followers to climbing in Mount Everest Base Camp, practicing yoga in India, and diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa.

twitter blogger@chic_travel (27,621 followers) Blog:

Melanie does many fabulous and amazing things. She is: a hotel reporter, a world traveler, a food and wine lover, a social media expert, a contributing columnist for: HuffPo, Forbes Travel Guide, The Boston Globe…etc. On Twitter, she shares insider info on hotels around the world, and tidbits regarding luxury lifestyle.

@Landlopers (24,989 followers) Blog: LandLopers

Just in case you were wondering, a landroper is also a wanderer, an adventurer. Matt Long is is a travel blogger who wants to make traveling more accessible. On Twitter, he is not only incredibly active but his tweets are always interesting: Pic of the Day, RTs and replies to his followers. His constant presence makes him extremely accessible, just as he has set out to be. Landropers is now his profession and he has done it without a trust fund. Pretty cool!

@IsabellesTravel (22,494 followers) Blog: Isabelle’s Travel Guide

Isabelle’s tweets to her followers are always fun, positive and personal. Traveling has been one of the best things that’s happened in her life, she decided to create a blog that hubs all the information that any traveler would need to plan a trip. Her blog and travel guides give great advice on hotels, airlines, transportation, food, sightseeing, personal tips. She’s also the creator of #BeachThursday.

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@20sTravel (15,931 followers) Blog: Twenty-Something Travel

As the girl who can’t sit still, Stephanie tweets 3-5 times a day. Her blog is targeted toward Gen Y Travel inspiration. Now engaged to another travel blogger, Stephanie first caught the travel bug after graduating college in 2007. Since then, she’s lived through amazing adventures in: Ireland, London, Japan, Vietnam, Fiji, Colombia…just to name a few and has lived in both China and Argentina.

@karasw (13,974 followers) Blog: The Vacation Gals

Kara is one of  three Vacation Gals that comprises a great blog focusing on: family travel, romantic escapes and girlfriend getaways. All three gals are moms and professional travel writers. Kara’s got a huge following on Twitter, and her tweets  instantly take her followers on  journeys around the world, in intimate and specific moments. So we feel like we’re traveling with her too, gotta love the power of social media.

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@RunawayJuno (13,344 followers) Blog: Runaway Juno

No, Juno isn’t actually a runaway. But she does travel all over the world. Born in Seoul, Korean, Juno is a travel writer, a photographer and a trained mechanical engineer. Honesty is the way she tweets. Not everything is always so fine and dandy on the road. Her latest tweet “Top 5 Worst Moments” shares the sentiment that we all feel about traveling at times: why are we still doing it? At the end of the day, we remind ourselves that we love life and we’re passionate people.

@everywhereist (11,251 followers) Blog:

You want to follow someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously and is humorous about all aspects of traveling? @everywhereist or Geraldine does a real good job of that! Her blog is, in fact, a love letter to her husband, who travels constantly for work. As what a lot of avid travelers say when they’re laid off: it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened. Geraldine was able to accompany her husband’s travels then blog about it. This is the kind of love letter we like!

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@TravelingEditor (10,303 followers) Blog: The Traveling Editor

What’s cool about Dylan Lowe’s story is that, he used to hate traveling. And now, he explores the world as a storyteller, hitchhiker, foodie, seeker of kindness and life enthusiast. His active updates on Twitter is interactive with his followers, tons of RTs and uploads of photos from majestic mountains to chilling with elephants. We absolutely love how candid he is in his tweets and blogposts.

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