Top Four Factors to Consider Before Going on a Cruise During Spring Break


After a long, cold, dreary winter, almost nothing seems better, brighter, or more relaxing than lounging around in the sun for a whole week on a cruise ship.  These ships offer travelers the particular opportunity of visiting many places in a short period of time while retaining a sense of luxury along the way.  With all you can eat buffets, an assortment of entertainment every night, lounge chairs on almost every deck, and the opportunity to wade in a pool or jacuzzi underneath the stars, what’s not to like?  However, Spring Break yields certain considerations an avid traveler must keep in mind before they book a cruise during this time.

1. The Cost: Cruise ship companies know when Spring Break rolls around because naturally more people want to go on vacation. Thus, the cost of going on a cruise is much higher during this time.  Although you can get some great deals, this will not necessarily occur during  Spring Break.  Also, Book Your Cruise Early! Either the ship will run out of available and low-cost rooms or the price of your cruise can increase as it gets closer to the time of departure.  It is also important to keep in mind that the cheapest rooms you can buy on a cruise ship have no windows or balconies.  Rooms that have balconies bear a significant price increase, but the private view of a sunset or sunrise on the open ocean may be worth the cost.

2. The Crowd: Since Spring Break is a time when students and family tend to travel, the demographic on the cruise will be younger.  This can drastically change the atmosphere on the ship because it will be populated with families as well as twenty-year olds.  Although cruise ships have a pool or area just for adults, it is important to consider that there will be younger children on board during this time. A word for the wise: claim a lounge chair in the morning because by the afternoon they will all be gone.

4. The Time: Cruises tend to last for a week or longer.  If you plan for a cruise during that precious week of Spring Break, then the cruise will encompass the entire break. This can be stressful especially if going on a cruise involves additional travel such as flying or jet lag.

5. The Endgame: People decide to go on cruises for a variety of reasons. Some individuals choose their cruise based off of the different locations the cruise is sailing to while others never leave the ship even when it is docked in an exotic port. At the same time, some cruises stop in four or five ports while others will only stop in three. It is important to consider what type of cruise fits your needs the best-do you want to be on the open ocean or do you want to visit many places? Most cruises appear to find a balance for individuals between seeing new sights and spending relaxing days on the gently rocking ship.

Jetset Times’ Picks for Top 5 Cruises:

1. Silver Explorer – Why we love it? Not only does Silversea cruises offer food from Relais & Châteaux hotels (YOU MAY ALSO LOVE: OUR INTERVIEW WITH S. JAMES PARIS HOTEL) There’s no tipping and bottomless champagne policy on the ships. To top it off, the Silver Explorer also takes you to see penguins in Antartica!

2. Crystal SymphonyWhy we love it? Excursions, excursions! Helicopter rides in New Zealand, and splurges like a drive through Monte Carlo in a Lamborghini and volunteer programs in local cities, this is an experience of a life time. It has been voted as the best large cruise experience with a recent multimillion-dollar makeover.

3. Seabourne PrideWhy we love it? For the itinerary! It travels to: Central America, the Middle East, Europe, New Caledonia, the South Pacific…and more.

4. Celebrity XpeditionWhy we love it? Although it only sails around the Galápagos Islands, because it only holds 92 passengers, the attention to detail with service, amenities, guides…etc. have all been rated as immaculate.

5. Seadream IIWhy we love it? Most people love the itinerary, but we like that jetsetters can get a taste of local night scene almost every night since the ship overnight in ports!

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