Tech Tuesday – Top Apps for Your Travels, #4: GateGuru


One of the most stressful aspects of traveling is navigating the unfamiliar airport. Frantically roaming in the belly of beast, searching for bag check-in, boarding pass kiosks, and your gate can leave you flustered, frustrated, and frantically asking equally bewildered wanderers for directions. Worst of all, when hunger strikes you in the midst of your hunt for your destination, you have no clue of where to go to find something decent to eat.

Enter GateGuru!

GateGuru is, quite literally, an electronic guru on your phone that guides you in your quest for all things relating to, next to, and near your gate at the airport. Features include Journey List, which organizes your “journeys” into one neat, compact, user-friendly panel, JourneyCard, which informs you of all the must-have information for your day of travel (airport weather, flight departure time, et cetera), FlightCard, which feeds you live data about your flight—including security checkpoint wait time, and Amenity List View (our favorite), which shows you all the eateries, souvenir shops, and other services you might need to find near your gate.

Not too shabby, eh? Besides the obvious advantages of feeling prepared and being a knowledgeable traveler, downloading GateGuru will also allow you to access exclusive offers on last minute car deals. One of the newer components of this application, Rental Car can save you up to twenty-five percent on your rental. With their partnership with Avis, GateGuru has made it even easier for the transition from air to ground feel seamless.

Take it from GateGuru’s CEO, Dan Gellert. He knows the difficulties of going to an airport blindsided from his days of being a venture capitalist. An app designed for travelers, by a traveler has the advantage of knowing exactly what you want in an all-inclusive mobile mentor. GateGuru even boasts a Travel Stats page, where you can establish your “street cred” as a seasoned traveler, and connect with the high-flying community.

Let your next takeoff be a breezy one: GateGuru.

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